Fun gymnastics skill ideas.

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Let's post gymnastics skill ideas that we have!

I thought of a bars dismount that's probably impossible but still seems fun.

Okay, so you would be swinging giants towards the low bar, then go for a Thatchev, but instead of catching the bar, you'd fly over it and do a double front.
Can you imagine the difficulty score for that?! Haha!

The other idea I had was a full twisting Sheep Jump. I've actually tried this, and pretty much you have no idea where you are. I can do a sheep Jump half, though!

Anyone else got cool ideas?
What if you did a triple backhand spring with a double twist on floor! That would be crazy fun, you would most likely go out of bounds, but it would still be fun to try! :D
Twisting jaegers on bars!

It's definately possible for guys, I've seen a double twisting one on youtube. Don't think any girls are doing any though.
I'm working on a vault that isn't in the code; it's a tsuk-style entry to an arabian double front. I get a much better block when I do a tsuk arabian than I do on a normal tsuk, but I find it a lot harder to get into my tuck quickly when doing it this way.
I don't know if I can explain it clearly enough to paint a picture, but my brother was working on this move for a while and had actually caught it a few times...

Ok on P-bars, start with a 1/4 pirouette, now that both hands are on one bar, flip one hand to an undergrip, then spin 3/4 pirouette on the undergripped hand to execute in essence a full pirouette. If done correctly the hand that the 3/4 pirouette is done on will be in a reversed grip, so both palms will eb facing the same way.

I tried this a few times on floor bars and could never make it past the 3/4, that's a really wierd feeling doing 3/4 of a pirouette while only on one hand.
a round-off backhandspring but when u do the bh twist and go into a fh and twist in that and do another bh and keep going....... you wud get dizzy, assuming its possible!!!! lol:p
Whoa!! This thread should come with diagrams.

Part of me wants to say.................."Speak English people!!!!":confused: the other part says "Cool!!!":cool:

I accidently did a switch leg front handspring step out once... it was really fun the everyone said it looked really graceful too. Not that I was ever able to do it again though. I've been working on switch leg front walkovers though.
Can someone point me to a "Gymnastics for Dummies" book somewhere so I know what you all are talking about?!?

My DD, while doing her level 3 bars dismount, accidentally added a 1/2 twist. I know it's nothing like you guys are referring to, but it looked pretty cool for level 3. Too bad she can't get extra credit for it.
Aw, that does suck. Here's a new move. A double twisting pike up. :D Sounds weird? It is weird! My bff did it during open gym yesterday, when I took her. It was like WOAH! :D
Ok, I spent all day thinking of these...

Beam: This is like a merged mount/ acro series

r/o back salto on straight into bhs bhs layout stag leap. :)

Bars: Huilan (front somy over the high bar) straight into jaeger :p
I read this thread yesterday and last night I had a dream I was watching men do backlayouts and when they were in the middle of it (upside down) they would reverse the direction of the rotation and come back on their feet like if finishing a front layout.
Ok, we have seen full twisting double backs and now more recently, double doubles, what about a 1.5 twisting double back....kinda like a full in and 1/2 out arabian? I would love to see that.
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