funny gymnastics moments

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May 17, 2009
Ok, well, I was just wondering, do you have any funny gymnastics moments whether it be about a friend, family member, or you, tell me about it!! I remember one time my friend Amara (amarasmilez) was on beam and about to do a back hand spring saying "I can do this, I can do this, I can do, AAAHHH!!!" right as she was getting up on the beam she tripped over it!!


My friend was doing a ring leap or jump and kicked herself in the head so hard we were worried she had a concussion.

This little girl on my team was waiting for her turn on bars, and as she was walking over to the bar, she tripped over her own feet and caught herself on the pommel horse, jamming one of her fingers in the proccess. She started crying because it hurt quite a lot and she was little, and then another coach walked by and said "Jeez, Caroline, what's going to happen when you start doing giants?"
okay well i was fulll twisting flyaways into the pit and i was wedged in i tried to jump out and the whole pit moves with me and sucks back in. meanwhile both my coaches just cant stop laughing long enough to help me out.


Oct 4, 2009
We were in the process of relearning our hurdles (we were all doing them wrong) and my friend did a really powerful hurdle into a round off and her rebound was so high she fell backwards onto the mat behind
We were seeing how many back handsprings we could do in a row on our tumble strip and when it was my friends turn she just kept going and going and at the end of the strip where that wall is , she back handspringed right into it :p
She was OK, but we all had our laugh.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
Ouch! We had a girl a few years ago doing power backhandsprings and she kept going right off of the floor! Once her hands hit the hard ground, she relized she had gone a little to far :)
Aug 15, 2008
My gym has soooo many. But just last night i was just standing on the beam waiting and my feet were apparently slippery and slipped right off the sides of the beam!! I straddled it.. hahaha and I was just standing there I didnt even do a skill!!!


Jul 17, 2009
A few years ago we were trying to memorize our new beam routines and we were practicing them on the floor and showing the rest of our group, and this girl on my team was having trouble memorizing it so whenever she forgot the skill she was supposed to do, she started doing these funny looking ballet moves!


May 8, 2010
When I started acro this year at a new club, a girl I already knew came to me and said "You have to watch this girl, she insists in wearing socks on floor, so she always..." She didn't even finish the sentence, the girl she was talking a bout did a round off and slipped, falling very loudly on her butt. It was so funny! She still wears socks, though... :)


Oct 4, 2009
I have several funny moments....I am the clumsy one in the gym ahaha

list of things I have done:
1. We were doing round off flic lays onto a mat in the pit of the floor and there was a tiny gap between the floor and the mat and I managed to land in it after my layout and just whale flopped onto the ground
2. Demonstrated something perfectly to little kids then gone to sit on the other beam and fallen off the other side
3. used the whole length of the beam to fall of from a full turn
4. bailed out of a back walkover (to stop myself from kicking my friend) but instead of twisting and gracefully falling to the side i thought the smartest idea was to just let go of the beam and curl up in tuck and pray so I bounced of my neck onto my shins and onto the floor (I was fine)
and there are many more :p
Oct 5, 2011
I was doing my front handspring off a stack of mats, and after I did my hurdle, I slipped across the length of the mat on my stomach.
And one of my friends put her hands to far forward on the mat, only to have the mat tip over, landing on top of her. She was fine, but we all had to laugh.

All Chalked Up

Mar 15, 2010
I was doing g front handspring front, overrotated and landed completely on my face, earning a collective gasp/scream of terror from the parents, coaches and teammates. This conversation ensued:
Me: *gets up to do it again*
Coach : lie down.
Me: no, I'm fine. Nothing hurts!
Coach : get.on.the.floor.
Me: I'm okay though. It was actually pretty fun. If I would have stayed tucked up I so would have down a double front...
Me: at least let me go to vault and lie down there so I'm not in the way...
Me: Better then lying down.
Coach: Lie down or... ILL TAKE YOU TO THE HOSIPITAL!!!!!
Me: okay...
Other coach: are you okay?
me: oh yeah I'm fine. Xxxx coach is just overreacting a bit :)
Other coach: I know you're fine- I was wondering if xxxx coach is okay!!!

I found it pretty funny. Everyone thought I had a concussion because I NEVER talk like that to my coach but really I was just blazing mad that she wouldn't let me go try again without looking me over! :p
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