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My dd has a really hard time keeping her feet together when she does her bhs. I've had her do them with something between her feet, never really helped that much. Today I told her to imagine she had money between her feet and if it was still there she could keep it. Then in my infinite wisdom I said, "better yet, let's put a $5 bill there and if you do it you can keep it". Now I wasn't sure if she could do it or not - but sure enough - first try. Just goes to show what they can do with the right motivation. Of course now I'm out five bucks!!


I can totally sympathize. My DD has been working on her cartwheels on the beam. She was getting very frustrated with herself and my DH finally told her that he'd give her $1 if she stuck one. She tried a few more times, still no luck. So I chimed in and told her I'd give her $1 for the 2nd one she stuck. Still no good. So then we ended up telling her we'd give her $1 for EVERY cartwheel she stuck on the beam. In the end, DH and I were out $20!!! Now every time she practices them (she still doesn't stick them regularly), she wants to know if she gets any money! LOL


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Mar 1, 2007
That's a good idea, but I would be afraid if I started the money thing right away for little L4 skills for my DD what would happen down the road for the harder stuff, LOL

My DD likes "mail" when she gets a skill. The night after practice when she gets something, I make up a sign on the computer with the skill, date and a gymnastics image and pin it on her door for when she wakes up. It's a lot cheaper. I'm trying hard to stay away from the gift/reward thing because I want her to do things because she wants to do them on her own & not because she expects a reward from me. I have used the bribery thing for my boys in baseball though, when they were afraid to hit the ball after being beamed by a pitcher & it does work, LOL
Jan 22, 2008
I am all about the reward. Cold hard cash isn't her biggest motivator. We find something she really wants that we aren't in the mood to purchase and well if she gets a skill she can get that item. Her last reward was an under armor set. She wanted a pair of shorts and tank. I was feeling cheap and told her if she got her RBHS she could get it. Well one week later I was at Under Armor making a pruchase.


Believe it or not, one of my daughter's motivators is you guys. She wants me to post that she "almost" has her front hip circle. She loves the praise and compliments she gets from you all. I told her I'll post when she get it, not that she "almost" has it. Same deal with her cartwheel on the beam. :D
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