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This says a lot about how out-of touch the general public is about gymnastics. (i translated this conversation into English)

In my french class, we had to say who we would meet if we could and what we would do(complete the sentence type thing) and I said I would want to talk to Shawn Johnson. Then my friend Matt, who quit gymnastics two years ago, said, "Who's that?", and I replied-"the world A.A. champion! "He was so confused b/c he thought Shawn was a guy, and he told me, "he's not the world champion". I was laughing as I informed him Shawn is a girl!


haha. I know how he feels though--for a little bit I was out of the loop on who was who and what was going on.


It is funny how Shawn Johnson is such a 'new star' to the public, yet such a well-known person among gymnastics fans - I mean, considering that women's gymnastics and women's ice-skating are by far the most popular Olympic sports, that is. Shows you how little people pay attention to gymnastics when the Olympics aren't on TV!


yeah, its funny how no one ever knows and then BOOM shes one of the biggest things going into 08
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