Funny Things People who don't do gym have said?

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I worked with this girl who was in her early 20s. I was telling her about my Level 10 dd, and she interrupted me to tell me that she had been a level 10 when she was 11 years old, and was one of Yoculan's "Jr Gymdogs." she was "so good" and just got bored with it and quit.

#1--never heard of the "Jr Gymdogs"
#2--level 10 at age 11? Maybe, but where we live there is only one gym training level 10s, ours, and I had never heard of her although she insisted she trained "right here" at the university. Hahaha!
#3--she went on and on, but it was so ridiculous I stopped paying attention. :)
Okay we have a new girl in our year who is a chronic liar, claimed she won worlds for sailing - if you won worlds why are you not training for the olympics? was my first question in my mind, but she also said that she got to level 6 in gymnastics but had to quit due to a dislocated hip and I asked her what kind of skills she did in her routines and she goes oh just the usual stuff like backwards round off, I just was like you clearly aren't a gymnast if you call something a backwards round off

Aah...The ever elusive, and highly technical backwards round-off has reared up it's ugly head and foiled another promising gymnastics career.:rolleyes:
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