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What is the future of The Chalk Bucket? Good question...here are some things that will (hopefully) be happening over the next month or two.
  1. New Custom Skin (graphics)
    • Some of you may remember me talking about a new skin for the site. I hired a company to design The Chalk Bucket quite a while ago. I received an email from them the other day stating the skin should be completed by the end of April. Our new look should be able to attract new users a little quicker while still being very simple. Don't worry, you will be able to switch back to this skin if you aren't partial to the new one. Our board software is capable of having unlimited skins.
  2. Updated Rules
    • I will be updating the rules to help everything run a little smoother. A prominent link to the rules will be adding in the left column so everyone can find them. One of the major concerns I have is spelling and grammar...it needs to be correct. Along the same lines, long posts need to be split into paragraphs to make our forum more readable.
  3. Stronger Staff
    • We are developing a need for a stronger moderating team. Moderator requirements and training will be developed to help us become a more consistent team. The requirements and training will be very simple, but it is necessary. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, let me know with a PM. It is a volunteer position and you may quit at any time.
  4. Revised Homepage
    • The homepage is too boring right now. The main content is the "News & Announcements" forum. Community news will be kept in it's own forum and a new blog-style homepage will be developed. The homepage will no longer be our community news, it will be interesting content from all over the net and the world of gymnastics. This should help us attract more new members.
  5. Content Is King
    • We are really low on content right now. Yes, we do have many great discussions, but we need more. I am not a brilliant writer, but I will start adding more content. When I say content I mean articles, lesson plans, "how to's" with photos, reviews, etc. I would love to see some members submitting content also. Remember, it must be original (written by you).
  6. Chat Room
    • I am looking into a chat solution right now. Hopefully we can get something up and running pretty quickly.
Those are a few of our future goals, let me know if you have any ideas.
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