Gatlinburg Classic

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Ashleigh's second competition at Prep Option 1 level. Competes at 6:30pm. :eek:
Looong night.

Well.. The Gatlinburg Classic is done, as is the Charleston Cup (I'll post there too). Next stop is the State Optional Meet in Chattanooga.
Here's the results of Gatlinburg:
Ashleigh competed at the Prep Optional 1 level in the 10+ age group. There were 70+ girls competing with 23 in her age group!
[FONT=Tahoma, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]VT=8.875, UB=9.150, BB=9.150, FX=8.950, AA=36.125
She placed 7th on UB, 8th on BB and 11th in the AA [/FONT]
There were some amazingly high scores from some of the competitors from the other gyms. Lots of 9.5s and 9.7s. Ash's coach later told us that the coaches from at least one of the gyms was very strict on her girls and refused to let them move up to PO2 until they could score 9.5s and up consistently, as a result some of these girls have been competing at this level for 2-3 years! We were quite proud of Ash's scores... even if she didn't have the medals to prove how well she did... she showed alot of improvement. This was only her second meet at this level.
Sounds like she is doing great. Medals and trophies really don't mean much...gymnastics can turn into much, much more than that.

I was never really that good....but I loved gymnastics. Eventually I got a job coaching. At this job I met my wife. Now I have a little Maggie and a Layla on the way. Gymnastics was my passion...then my it's my life.
Yes, it's been great for Ashleigh. She had a hard time deciding what she wanted to do. She played basketball and softball... they were OK, but she wasn't really thrilled about it. Since getting back into gymnastics (she took a preschool class when she was three), she's been so much happier. She's 10 years old and has already planned out the rest of her life.. she wants to go to the Olympics (what little gymnast doesn't?) but more than that, she wants to own or coach at a gym when she grows up. He's also excited about the idea that gymnastics could get her a scholarship to go to college. She's not just a gym perfectionist, she's also an A Honor Roll student. It's not every day you meet a 10 year old who has a realistic plan made out for her future! She's learning discipline and the fact that even perfectionists can't always be perfect.. it's just part of life and you have to deal with it and move on. That was a tough one for her.. it hit her after the Gallatin competition.. she cried for an hour because she didn't medal in every event. :( But she's getting used to it now and realizes that the only thing she can do about it is work harder and never give up. We're so proud of her... not just because of the strides she's made, but the life lessons she's learned!!
life lessons...that's what it's all about
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