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Nothing too serious, but this is the first time DD has ever gotten hurt doing gymnastics. I tend to be a mom that overreacts about small illnesses, injuries anyway, so it was kind of hard for me. In the way that you see your DD and her teammates doing a BHS all the time and forget it's dangerous until a teammate broke her arm and then it hits home that my child is doing something that could cause potential injury.

So DD was jumping to the high bar and got both hands on, but then slipped off. She fell and put one of her arms back to catch herself. She hurt her elbow and shoulder. She seems to be okay as far as no broken bones, but she's sore. She can move it, put weight on it etc. It's just very sore. I'm just thankful that she was not seriously hurt. I know that's a good way to break your arm or dislocate your elbow. I think DD was most upset about getting lectured about NEVER putting her arms like that to catch herself.

If she still hurts tomorrow I'll have to be the overprotective mother that takes her in for an xray. I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Ah, that first injury...remember it well. You're not being overprotective when it comes to her health and well-being. Hope she feels better soon and I'd take her in for x-rays too, so there!
That is exactly how my younger DD (non-gymmie) broke her elbow. It was horrible. Hope your DD is OK.
How scary for her (and you!). I would probably take my DD to get x-rayed if that happened. I err way on the side of caution when it comes to injuries. I try to teach my kiddo that, too. That she only has one body and that she needs to take care of it. :)

Hope it is nothing serious and that she feels better soon.
better be safe than sorry! , Id rather get checked and nothing wrong then there actually be something.
2 years ago oldest dd fell on her hand at soccer well she ended up in a cast! (fractured groth plate) so like I said When it comes to making sure nothing major its a good thing!!
and who knows her best , you do:)
Elbows and shoulders are funny things, especially when falling off the bars. I don't think you would be overprotective by having it checked out.

I do think the first thing every little gymnast should learn is how to fall, especially from the bars. Flat, flat, flat!!! Do not try to catch yourself!

It is always funny to me the gasp and expressions of people unfamiliar with the big girls missing big releases on bars and smacking down on the mats like a big belly-flop. Then the girls just stand up, and the coach at dd's gym is usually laughing with them about it.

Hope your dd is okay and the arm feels better quickly.
You don't sound like you are being overprotective at all to me. I hope your dd is feeling better soon and it turns out to be nothing major.
I'm actually much more worried about it then I was when I posted that yesterday. She won't straighten her elbow now at all or put any weight on it. She can straighten it, but she said it hurts. When she runs or plays she holds her arm close to her body at an odd angle. As soon as the Dr opens today we will be first in line to get her looked at and an order for an xray. I'm completely freaking out imagining her having this gimp arm for the rest of her life. I hope she's just very sore and will be okay. :(
So DD saw the Dr this morning and had an xray this afternoon, but I have no results yet. The Dr examined it and her elbow is definitely swollen and very sore and he thinks it is likely just a sprain. It's definitely not dislocated he said. She has good movement of her hand and fingers. The elbow CAN straighten, she just isn't wanting to straighten it because it hurts. He wanted to do an xray to rule out any fracture, though he doesn't think he'll find anything. I thought that was all pretty good news. I know a sprain can take awhile to fully heal and he couldn't give me a time line. He said it could be anywhere from a week to a month. If all is clear on the xray he wants to see her in a week to check her progress. If it's not feeling better, he'll investigate a little further.

I feel better with her seeing a Dr. She's disappointed of course that she'll be limited at the gym to conditioning, but hopefully it'll heal fast.
Any news on the xray? I am sure it will be fine. When my dd broke her elbow, you could tell immediately without an xray. Hope you hear good results.
Yes, the xray came back fine as the Dr thought it would. DD went to gym and they were able to modify everything so she could participate. She couldn't do any bars so she got lots of conditioning. On floor she did leaps instead of tumbling, but did the other parts of her routine. On vault she got more conditioning and on beam she worked on simple warm-up type things on a low beam and then parts of her routine.

I did notice as the night went on that she started moving her arm a little more. I think it was very stiff and just getting her whole body moving helped her. She can definitely straighten it a little more than before and I noticed her putting a little weight on it when they did splits. She was just slowly testing it out. I hope she'll be back to new soon. I'm so thankful that she wasn't hurt worse.
Yes, kids do heal quickly I've now discovered. On Wednesday she wouldn't straighten it or put any weight on it. By Friday she felt almost as good as new. I didn't know what they would let her do at gym, but she ended up doing everything. Her tumbling looked a little yuckier than usual, but she didn't miss a beat on bars. I was afraid their would be a fear after falling, but it didn't seem to bother her. Her first several tries jumping to the high bar she touched it, but wouldn't grab. Then finally she grabbed it and connected her kip by herself, which she had never done before. I was one proud mother.
Hope your DD feels better soon. Kids heal quickly. Did you take her to an orthopedic surgeon?

No, I just took her to her regular pediatrician. Had the xray showed anything the Dr said he would refer us to an orthopedic dr. Luckily, all seems to be well. After she got hurt and we were at gym, all around me people were telling me how their kids had broken their arms doing what she did. I'm so glad she wasn't hurt worse.
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