Getting Excited for Pre-Team!!!

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
My daughter is finishing up her cheerleading season in about a week and she will be switching over to competitive gymnastics. She is very excited and looking forward to working with the Pre-Teamers in hopes of being able to compete at Level 4 in the Fall/Winter new season. She has been taking a gymnastics class once a week for the past month or so and really enjoys it. She got her feet wet during Spring Break when she attended a week long gymnastics camp. Her favorite event so far is the bars and her 2nd favorite is the beam.
I'll keep you posted on her progress!!
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How exciting for her. I am sure she will get those skills in time.

that is awesome. My dd is on pre-team now, likely moving to L4 in May or June, she LOVES it. She has been lucky because our gym does let the L3's compete (they do not go to as many meets as the L4 & up, but still able to get the feel for it). They really feel like part of the team. We have 3 new L3''s who just got their L3 Leo's last week and you should have seen their faces light up when coach handed them out !!!

Good Luck to your dd in pre-team and on..............
Thanks everyone! This evening me and my dd went to a local State Level 8 meet in town (it was a spur of the moment thing and I found out that some of the girls from her gym where she trains were competing.)

It was awesome! It is definitely different than cheer or anything else she has done--you have all the events going on at once and there are so many distractions! I was amazed at how the kids could hold their concentration. But I guess by level 8 they are used to it by now! Now I see why so many gymnasts have 4.0 gpa's in hs (they gave awards to the graduating seniors at the meet and practically all of them had 4.0s)--they must have awesome concentration and time management skills.

I was glad to be able to attend a meet with my dd as spectators, because now she has a feel for what it is like and what to expect when she does compete at meets.
This is all very exciting!!! Can't wait!

I am so glad to hear you went to a meet!

I think it is really important for the girls who are just starting to compete to attend a meet or two.

I think it helps parents too! I was so glad I had gone to 2 meets before DD had her first one. (although, nothing could prepare me to watch her compete for the first time!!

I wish DD good luck working on those L4 Skills!
I also took dd to watch a couple of meets before she ever started to compete. I think it help her to see ahead of time what would happen.
I remember my first gym meet I went to. I was a class kid and my cousin was a level 5. I went to see her and all the "Big girls" from my gym
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