Getting the kids together to online condition

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Apr 19, 2012
I've just come on and read a few threads and it seems lots of gyms aren't providing online training.
It's pretty easy to get a group together and arrange a zoom meeting. I gather most gyms have at least provided a conditioning sheet? The kids could then come up with other fun things they want to do??
I'm the other side of the world and my dd has way too much online training happening so we wouldn't be into it, but just putting this out there if others think it would work and want to connect.
My dd is loving her zoom training.
Our gym did this today. It worked great! The owners and a couple of coaches took the girls through over an hour of conditioning and stretching. A few dozen girls showed up and they had fun seeing each other. The gym has previously emailed in some lists of daily exercises but this virtual team activity was much more fun and energetic.
Our gym has continued this, conditioning and stretching. It has settled in to a M W F scheduled in the afternoon for about 2 hours. They rotate through the owners and coaches during the time and vary what they cover each session. Before each session they email a short list of what will be needed (a pair a chairs, a jump rope, ankle weights, a small bucket of rice, etc) and a new Zoom meeting with a new password. The coaches are volunteering their time which is greatly appreciated. About 50 girls across all optionals levels join. It’s working out really well. Girls getting together might make something happen too but with the gym taking the lead I think they’ll be more energized and have more fun.
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Our gym is doing it 3x a week and then us moms coordinated the other 2 days to go through the conditioning list together. We started doing it 1-2 weeks before the official gym zoom meeetings started
Our gym is doing this as well... 4-5 times a week for 1 to 2 1/2 hours... core, stretching, event specific conditioning. It’s very well done but we are continuing to pay some to get access and so they can keep the coaches employed.
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