Giant Swing progressions

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When I was learning, we were required to be able to do a cast-HS before attempting a giant. Is this still a good idea? What are the usual progressions?
Sep 21, 2008
I require a cast to 45* minimum. Im a highschool coach, though...

Generally, I teach the cast along with the lead ups to a giant. So they get the feel for the skill, and then put them all together.

Examples are back extension rolls to handstand, or tumble track + bar. Hollow Body Drops, etc...


Jul 5, 2007
I guess it depends. In general, I perceive cast handstand (at least straddled - straight body maybe different story) to be easier to teach/get for a lot of girls with the right drills and conditioning, so it makes sense to me most girls will be close to handstand before...but I don't think you "need" an unassisted cast HS to start giants, so I wouldn't necessarily delay it. All the progressions needed for the giant (starting with L6 baby giant) require so much work that the cast should approve alongside them. The more common problem I see is the gymnast can do cast hanstand from front support but struggles to do kip cast HS, dish shape into down swing, sequence. So I guess I see it as important to work the whole sequence.


Giant Progressions

This is long but i hope it helps and good luck

Progressions for front giant

1...body alignment rocker, banada boat, etc

2...handstand drills...strain simultaneously with above

3...Swing, long hang, with cheat straps

4...handstand on floor bar...a...overgrip, fall on back...b...overgrip, mini tramp to back...c...reverse grip mini tramp to back...d...use slant mat (i use a high bar stretched across the width of the trampoline at various hts using blocks)

5...cast to handstand on low bar...a...fall to hi mat...b...fall to slant mat

6...cast handstand downswing to spotter...a...teach bailout...b...close to full giant on cheat/strap bar

7...cast downswing to upswing (slight pike) jump off

8...spotted giant on high bar/full giant on cheat/strap bar (use surgical tubing)

Progressions for Back Giant

1...beat swings on cheat/strap bar

2...long hang swing to kick object in front and hight than the bar

3...cast swing to pullover

4...cast swing pullover to horizontal hollow

Back Giant Shaping Drills

1... floor bar...handstand bail to hollow position

2...with wall bar go from extended position to candle and hold for 5 seconds

3...back extension on floor roll to front support then to handstand all to front support hollow position

4...from mini tramp shoot to handstand on raised bar fall to bail on crash mat

Back Giant (single bar)

1...beat swing to candle

2...beat swing to pullover...also beat swing to swings cast swing bail position to bottom giant (cast to horizontal swing pullover to horizontal

5...giant to handstand with spot


Thanks everyone for the tips! Looks like we've got some work ahead of us! LOL!
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
Coaches Subscribe to "quiquetr "on you tube- lost of great bars tutorials, that are VERY helpful. The clinician coaches at CGA and he is a great bar coach! There are also some shaping & vault tutorials too!
Sep 21, 2008
I second that, subscribe. From what he has posted so far it looks good! Very detailed. I actually set up an account just to subscribe.

Good find there, coach!



My Friend T.Gymnastics casts to horizontal and can make giants over usually... you dont necessarily have to cast to handstand... but it helps.
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