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Feb 15, 2008
My dd is having issues getting her giants to go over. She casts super high, but then gets about halfway through the tap (to where she's seeing her toes) and then can't get the feet over. Does that make sense? She's been told it is her tap. On strap bar (I know, totally different) they are great, nice hollow and good whip. But she gets on the high bar and it just fizzles. I read somewhere that the gymnast should see the low bar, then the stomach, then the toes and go over. Is that true? She can make it a little over 50% of the time. Any other good tips on helping her improve the tap/whip to scoop? I know it is hard to say without being able to see it, but any advice would be appreciated.


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Feb 19, 2007
My daughter is having the same issue. I'm just thinking that with more practice, spotting from the coaches, that she'll eventually get the timing of it. She also has gotten over a few times... I think it's a case of "practice makes perfect". I'll be curious to see what the other coaches/gymnasts have to say!
Sep 21, 2008
In my opinion, you need to rely on the coach.

Obviously, other gymnasts have giants in the gym - give it time and she will too.

Its nothing she is doing wrong, its that she doesn't know what feels "right" yet. She will.

Jan 3, 2009
Dallas, TX
If they're saying the problem is her tap, it's probably that she is tapping too early, or not at all. The tap is what gives you the power to make it over the bar, and if you do it too early, you don't have enough momentum to get over the bar.
Her coach should be reminding her to push hard on the bar when she's swinging down from handstand. That will push her center of gravity away from the bar and create a more powerful swing. I don't know about all of that 'look for the low bar, toes, stomach, whatever.' That's just too much to think about. Just worry about pushing hard on the bar on the way down, and a big, aggressive tap. She'll get it. The coach will spot, and keep up with those giants on straps. Ryan is right- let the coach take care of it. Those giants will come!
Here is a geeky remark... so take it for entertainment value only if you like.

If she is really high on her handstand, physics tells me that it shouldn't take much (yeah right) for her to make it over. So, instead of conserving and adding a bit more energy into the circle, she is taking it out. It could be the grip (speed check due to fear?), the timing of the tap, or whatever.

So, what it comes down to is feel and timing. Coaching and practice will help her to get there. So, just be patient and give it some time. It will come soon.
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Feb 15, 2008
Thanks for the thoughts. Fear could be some of it. She peeled a couple of times when she very first started them on the high bar. So she may be "putting on the brakes" and not giving her all for an aggressive tap. I wish they had a "turn brain off' switch and just let muscle memory take over!


Nov 12, 2007

Indeed its safe to assume that the coach knows what they are doing so letting the coach do his thing, and the time + practice should = giant.

However tips on why a gymnast does not go over
1- You say her tap is an issues, this usually means
a- to early...- solution is to encourage the gymnast to push the toes back under the low bar and pass under neath the High Bar with her chest, stomach and only than kick over the bar
b- Tap is directed upwards as opposed to over - Solution lows of baby giants spotted by coach.. Gymnast must try to kick to a point on the ceiling behind the High Bar.. a Tap kicking upward will usually direct the gymnast outward as well, making it hard to go over. Remind the gymnast to kick OVER the bar.. This is greatly aided by doing a late tap.. with an early tap this results in shoulders closing and a flop onto of the bar.

That is usually the issues one can suggest without actually seeing the giants.

Hope it helps and i am sure she will get it.
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