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Apr 15, 2008
Hi everyone!
okay so, I was hoping to work giants later in the summer. I was wondering what are some drills are that i could do at home? i don't have a cast handstand yet either, so some drills for that would be great too! thanks ahead of time!


drills for casting are more and more casting. try doing them in sets to build up arm strength. as far as giants, work baby giants. try doing a cast into a long hang pull over. make sure you are pushing away from the bar after the cast. eventually try to clear the bar on a pull over, each time go higher and higher and make sure you are doing a tap at the bottom of the bar. strap bars are also an excellent tool to learning giants, i LOVE strap bars!


Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Press handstands and planche work will help a lot with casts. As for the giants themselves, it wouldn't hurt to work core strength, but beyond that there's not much you can safely do at home for them.
Sep 21, 2008
If you have mats available at home, working straight arm back extrension rolls will help. If you don't have mats, don't work those.

Handstands... lots of them.. on a floor bar if you have one (you can make one pretty cheap out of a cut up railing and some wooden bases).

Body shaping drills from a pull-up bar if you have one.. Go from tight arch to slightly piked hollow, feeling your arms pull on the bar so your feet raise up some... even laying in bed you can work on your hollow and tightness...

Other than that.. it really is a lot of core and shoulder work.. presses and plaches as said... learn to squeeze your thighs together to keep that tight hollow (if form is a problem for you, that is)...

Good luck!!!

Swing, swing, swing some more, and then swing again.


Body levers. Find something to hold on the ground like the base of a beam or a pillar. Pull yourself into a candlestick position and practice lowering down with a straight hollow body. Bent arms makes it easier. You can practice lowering down to 45 or 60 degrees and pulling back to vertical. You need to be able to hold this at vertical with open hips first, of course.

From a hang, pull to candle/cradle. If it's too hard try pulling into a pullup first and then swinging/rocking to candle. If still too hard, get to candle by doing a leg lift and then extending to candle/cradle and lowering down ( like a body lever ).

Lots of V-ups and reverse leg lifts ( where you lift to superman while hanging off a block or pommel horse ).

I found a really good pdf that I need to look for. It may still be on USAG's site somewhere in the old issues.
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