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Nov 9, 2022
So my coach is taking a break from coaching, we just have a last meet left with her. I was wondering if I could give her something, but I don't know her that well, because I've only been training with her for 4-5ish months.
PS: I can't buy anything expensive...my parents would probably not do that..

Any ideas for gifts?
I recommend a Starbucks or Dunkin gift card if she likes coffee or an Amazon gift card and a card maybe. If you know her fav candy get her that too.
A drone!

fly drone GIF
Most of us love wine, and most of us love steakhouse restaurants, and most of us can't afford either in the quantity or quality we'd like.

A gift card for either will probably be appreciated.
If you make some piece of art for her -- literally any kind of creative endeavor, whatever your favorite artistic outlet -- she will probably keep it in a visible place in her room for the rest of her life and think of you every time she looks at it, and that's not an exaggeration.
We coaches are a pretty sentimental bunch, especially when it comes to our students.