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Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
My daughter has one coach that has really helped her out & gone above & beyond. Next weekend my DD is going solo to a meet with this coach & I would really like to have my daughter give her a little inexpensive something, just to say "thank you". Is it appropriate? And, any suggestions?
Aug 27, 2006
I would say a gift certificate to eat out somewhere or gift card they always eat out at away meet or a gas card for travel. Thats what we have done.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
I would say a gift card of not more than $10 might be ok. Since we know this will be a good meet for you dd:)(it will), you could just take a picture of the 2 of them and have it framed and put the date/name of meet on it. I think coaches treasure some of those special memories.
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