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Nov 4, 2011
Christmas is right around the corner. Any gift ideas for a young gymnast? Last year my dd asked santa for a bar. Santa looked at her like she was crazy!

My DD just filled her first gymnastics photo album, so I think I am going to order her one of these from Etsy...
Custom Gymnastics Photo Album or Scrapbook by AlbumOptions on Etsy

I'm just waiting to get a good picture to send in for the cover. Another mom on the team has a much nicer camera than mine and she got some nice beam pictures at the last meet, so I'm hoping one of those will work.

Also, a fellow Chalk-Bucket mom, JessMom, offers a gymnastics journal through Blurb. My Journal and Scorebook - GYMNASTICS | By Deborah Sevilla | Category: Sports & Adventure | Blurb
I bought a copy of this for my daughter, though I think I'll probably give it to her after next week's meet. Can't wait till Christmas! It's very nicely done, and I added tabs to make moving from one section to another easier, and got sparkly letter stickers to put her name on the front.

Not sure how old your daughter is, but the Gym Rats books are nice. Gym Rats I would say that they are probably at about a 2nd or 3rd grade reading level, but if she's younger, you can always read them together.

My DD just started at a new gym, so I think she's probably going to get a pair of flannel pajama pants and a fleece jacket with the team logo on them.

Happy shopping!
I love the two options above:) I got my dd a leo for her American Girl doll last year, so if she has an AG girl that would be cute! We also did the flannel pants and fleece sweatshirt w/gym logo to wear during warm-ups in the winter!
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