Parents Girls off at Lake Owen

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DH dropped them off yesterday. Sami texted me last night--said the camp is amazing, but she doesn't like washing dishes LOL! Apparently the woman in charge told them to work harder--they were lucky they got the job and wouldn't be at camp without it (not true in Sami's case, but did make it easier to afford). I told her if she likes camp, next year she can go without working too.

Haven't heard from Beth yet. I'm going to parent night on Friday, so at least I'll hear about it then!

And I"m home alone this week--my other DD is at camp too (different camp--she's not a gymnast) and DH & DS are at the lake for the week (yes, with my encouragement LOL!). Enjoying a silent house.... ah!

OH reading your post is making me realize that our time at camp is not that far off. I plan to get started on packing as I have to pack for DD and myself for LO and DS is heading off to YMCA camp that same week. DH is the one here with the empty house, but he also will be the only one at work--real work I mean, as I am the one working at LO.

I can't wait.

How was the girls week at Lake Owen. Less than a week and DD and I will be there.
They had a cold and rainy week, but did lots of gymnastics! They both loved their coaches (and were actually in the same group!). I posted in the Chalk Bucket folder about skills each got. I was impressed. The camp is beautiful too!
My 9 yr old DD went to Lake Owen for the first time this year. She had a blast and managed to spend all but .06 of her account. She sure cut that close. Almost one too many slushies... LOL
Not open for further replies.