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Feb 12, 2023
So I just got my period yesterday. On the first day of team camp. Uggh. My mom is very open about it but was never a gymnast so doesn’t know too much on what to do about this. Yesterday I just wore a panty liner and it got all curled up and I leaked onto my favorite Leo. My mom was able to get it o7t no problem, but I don’t want that to happen again or worse, to a comp Leo. I can’t ware tampons, so that’s out, but a pad shows through and looks bulky. I am allowed to wear shorts for practice but it is discouraged for meets, though they will let us. I hate wearing shorts for meets so I am praying that I will never have too but it is what it is. For practice and competition, what should I wear?! And also what are good bras for underneath Leos? I wear them everyday all the time but just can’t stand the feeling under Leos so I don't wear them even though I really need to.
Before I began wearing tampons I would wear underwear with a pad under my leo that way if there was any leaking it would get caught by the underwear. If you can I'd look into a diva cup or something similar. You could also go the route of period underwear and just wear that under your leo.
As for bras I just always wear a racerback sports bra. I'm a size b/c cup (depending on the brand, I'm in between them), so I definitely super need the support. As for underneath a comp leo, I always wore just a thin cami liner for comfort. Since comp routines are short, I wasn't concerned about support and more concerned about showing through. It really all depends on the cut of your leo, all the ones I've had have been wide-shouldered and low-backed.
there are also new underwear called Knix that are supposed to absorb all your period flow. they are very thin so I think they could work with a leo. I think there are other brands to check out, but my daughter used those.
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Go the period underpants. My daughter uses them, they are comfortable and not bulky and no issues with them balling up. Wear shorts over for practice.
You can get high cut ones that go under leotards for dance and gymnastics.
They sell them in supermarkets here - not sure about where you live but I expect it'd be similar.
Is there a medical reason you can't wear tampons? They were absolutely a lifesaver for me in sports. I just ask because there are so many people who just assume younger girls shouldn't wear them, but they can be worn from first periods on. If that is not an option for you, a combination on period underwear and a pad for heavier days would be your best bet.
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Honestly, same problem as you. I'm terrified of tampons so I just wear pads with underwear and hope for the best. Shorts for practice.
I'd wear shorts at competitions if I was allowed to (my gym doesnt allow)... but the one time I was on my period during comp, I just wore a panty liner on the leo bc of light flow day. Don't know what I'd do otherwise, probably panic and try tampons (which is what my coach suggested)
Unless you have many hours without a break where you cant change, or have extremely heavy flow, you shouldn't need period underwear and a tampon. Just the period underwear should be fine.