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Aug 17, 2009
I have a Q about eh GK leos. I am about 5' 6" and for my competition leotard, it is an adult medium. I get all my warmup leos from snowflake designs, and they are adult medium, and fit perfectly fine, with room to spare. The GK leo is 3/4 sleeves. I was wondering if they run small? Do they need to be stretched out or should i get a bigger size, but we just got them, and our compettition is this weekend??? What to do or any advice, the leo rides up on the hips, but is that normal for GK, and shows my underwear???????? dotn want hat in competion!


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I am 5'4 and our leo's are 3/4 sleeves and from GK. Mine is an AM too. It seemed a little small to me at first because it was riding up at the hips, but once i got to the meet and moved around a lot, it felt more comfortable.


Proud Parent
Jun 6, 2008
My daughter has almost all GK leos for practice and most are AL this year. They fit her a lot better than last years AM which were riding up too much. Her competition leo is Alpha Factor and is AL. We don't have it yet, but she wore the AM for two years and no way would it fit again this year. We changed leo design for this year, so it really doesn't matter:) She is 5'3". Not sure if she has a longer torso, but one-piece swimwear never fit her well either.


Dec 21, 2008
I find the same problem with the longer torso, so I wear an AL, and I am actually contemplating getting AXL, because I am right at the tip for torso measurement for AXL(62 inches is the highest recommended for GK-I think for al)


i have notice the bodies of gk leotards are not so long, i would take AL normally, but in hologram leotards the AL is abit to short for me


A lot of the GK competition leos have a French cut that rides higher. Your gym would need to ask about the cut before it is ordered. It's probably not that it doesn't fit but that that IS the fit. Either get the flesh colored underwear or wear none so you won't have to worry about that either.
Aug 9, 2009
I'm 5'6 too and my competition leotard is GK and its an AL. I wear AS, AM, and AL in practice leos depending on the style and fabric. I just had my first meet with my new competition leo and i also found that it constantly rides up on the hips so it looks really weird. It's so hard not to pick your wedgie when its doing this! I'm not sure what the fabric is called, all I know is its really shiny and not velvet.
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