GK velvet shorts????

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Hi there!!:)

I was going to purchase a pair I heard from some of my friends toLD ME TO order a size(s) smaller becasue they are a little big. So if I wear am AS leo( LEOS ARE A LITTLE BIG FOR GROWING ROOM) Should I order like CL black velvet shorts FROM GK????


Jul 5, 2007
The size under AS is AXS. CL would be two sizes down. I think the shorts can run a little big but I think that's more a problem in the kid sizes in my experience. Most teenagers wearing AS I knew fit in either the AS or AXS shorts (could have been stretched if they had the XS awhile though). If AS is a little big on you I would get AXS shorts...I'd look at what measurements GK has on there and then measure accordingly, or try to try some on at a meet or in the gym (even if you ultimately order from online).
i actually think they are smaller than other shorts. My mum is friends with the woman in charge of the UK distribution so she sells them through our club and we always reccomend a size up not a size down and even if they are a little big you can still keep them to grow into rather than them not fit you a few months later :)


Mine are a size down. But, I have a longer torso so I need the extra length on the leo. It all depends on how you want them to fit/how long you want them to fit.

I suggest going to a store that sells them so you can try them on and see if you like how they fit.


I get both AS leos and shorts from GK, and I have a shorter torso and actual hips XP Small shorts fit tight, but don't squeeze the living daylights out of my thighs.


May 25, 2009
I am AS on both my shorts and leo. I tried on my shorts at a meet where I got them though...their a little big but I love that their tight but not too tight. I know a girl who wears it a size down though and hers are really tight. Check the measurments on the site or try buying them at a store. The shorts are wonderful and feel great!


Aug 14, 2008
I think the fit will depend on 3 main things:

1) Fabric content. The more spandex/lycra the stretchier the shorts. In my (not recent) experience, GK's smooth velvet stretched more than their nylon/spandex fabrics. Embossed/shimmer lycra seemed to stretch even less, but I am going on PAST exp. here.

2) Is the gymnast "curvy" or not. Older gymnasts, who have gone through puberty, and/or are more muscular (mesomorph) than skinny, tend to need more fabric in the hips, bottom and thigh departments! Sorry, that's just what you get for being female! However, some Nastia-shapes (ectomorphs) can probably get away with a smaller size.

3) Leotard Fit. If you are comparing short size with leo size, obviously how you like your leos, will determine whether you think shorts fit smaller or larger than the leo. The TORSO measurement is the most important for leotard. Some tall gymnasts at my club wear AL leos, just for the torso length, but in street clothes thry would probably be AS. Tall, skinny gymnasts with small-med hips may need to go down a size in shorts. However, a compact, pear-shaped gymnast may need to go up a size in shorts!

If you do not have a pro-shop at your gym, or a dance store nearby that sells GK, I would ask any other girls around your size if they have any shorts you can try on for size. Please be aware though, that fabric properties, and how much the shorts have been washed, dried and worn will all affect the fit, but at least you will get a better idea. BTW heat (eg. from drying) can damage elastic fibers, making them stretch more at fist, but gradually lose their ability to 'bounce back'.

Finally (!), the GK leos our gym sells seem to be sized somewhat inconsistantly. I have seen some hang on the rack, several inches lower than others of the same size. Now, I haven't tried any on to compare, but just so you know :)
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