Glide kip help!!! Please!!!

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Jul 29, 2007
Ok. My dd has been working on her glide kip for over a year. She competed as a level 5 this past meet season and did score out, but never got her kip during a meet. She has had a serious mental block on them. She would have panic attacks when she would go to bars during practice....headaches, going to throw up, etc..... We would leave practice and about 10 minutes later, she would say she was feeling better. I would watch her face at meets and see the stress when she got to bars. It was pitiful. When meet season was over, she seemed to relax a little and the panic attacks stopped. She is a perfectionist and everything has always came so easy for her, so she really doesn't know how to handle difficulty. I think she now has a defeated mentality with the glide kip and just believes she will never get it. I don't say anything to her about it b/c of these reasons. I just try to build her up on the other skills and events.
She has gotten her kip off and on several times, but never with any consistency. She would get 2 one night and then not get another one for a month or so. We tried a few private lessons during meet season, but it didn't seem to help.
I am just a parent, but it looks like her glide swing is the problem. She does not extend it out, and she is very piked on it in the beginning. Instead of her feet going low to the ground and then up at the end of the swing, she is starting high and dropping low at the end of the swing. She does have pretty bad lordosis if that helps with the description of what she is doing. She is working level 6 skills right now, and I don't want her to go into level 6 with no kip and the same stress that she endured last meet season.
My question is this: Should we start all the way at the beginning of the glide kip with drills, etc.... or does anyone have any suggestions? Very much at a loss......:confused::confused::confused:
honestly? don't worry about it. this is ordinary stuff. just tell her she'll get it when she gets it.:)
It takes a LONG time for many girls to get this skill...she will get it! Although in our gym, she wouldn't be moved up to L6 if she didn't have the kip consistently in L5. ??
I would say definitely she shouldn't go into level 6 without a kip. What do you mean by she scored out?

I know about the kip struggles for sure and feel your pain. DD struggled to really get a good kip. She actually got the kip fairly quickly, but it took her a long time (about 9 months) to get it consistently and with straight arms and be able cast or do her fhc connected. She still will miss a few or have bent arms and miss her connection. What helped her was getting a new bar coach who did things differently. Her old coach, once they had done a kip, just pretty much wouldn't spot them at all anymore. The new coach went back to spotting every single kip. He spotted her jump and her glide and then really worked on putting her body in the right shape. He still spots more kips than he lets her do alone. DD is really small so a lot of her problems the coach told me was that the low bar is too high for her so instead of moving the bar just for her, he spots her on the jump so he can put her body in the right position. Before she was having to jump up to the bar so much that she was stopping in a dead hang and never getting a good glide.

Don't worry, it will come!
My youngest took almost three years to get her kip. It will come when it comes. I do not recommend moving up without it, bars are such a major part of competing she will quickly fall even further behind without it.
Make a vid and post it for comments and drop a note in the coaches thread. Further lots good examples on the net. Vegas odds that she is starting the toes to the bar at the bottom of the swing instead of letting the swing finish out and the bring toes to bar at the horizontal level.....that's step one...if she has that let us know
Without video, it's hard to say what's going wrong. No kip, no L6. At best, in a L6 group she would just get sent to a single rail or work L5 kips for a lot of bars. Eventually, more than likely she'd feel left behind the group when they are all working cast away kip and kip cast HS. Can she hold her toes to the bar while hanging from a bar 5-10s? Can she hold a decent L or straddle-L under the bar.
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