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May 29, 2012
I've been working on my glide kip for probably a year (with a short break or two because of injury) and I still haven't gotten it. I can do it with a spotter and I almost have it by myself, my problem is getting myself onto the bar. I know the key to everything is just practicing, but unfortunately, I have no equipment to use at home. :( So, I was wondering, is there anything I can do at home without equipment that would help improve my kip?
Ask your coach for strength exercises you can do at home, specifically, core, abdominal, and hips. More strength = better glide = better pike position as the feet are brought up to the bar = easier kip. I wouldn't recommend any strength exercises for the other parts of the kip, as the rest of the kip relies mainly on direction, swing, and timing.
my gym has us doing an exercise called kip pulls she we first learn our kips what you do is just lay down on you back with your arms straight above your head and then pull your arms down to your waist like you would on the bar. it gets your body use to doing the motion. other than that just lots of building up your arm strength.
I just go mine yesterday haha. This sounds really weird but when I do my kip I need to look at my toes in front of me or else I can't get on top of the bar. It took me a year to get mine too.
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