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Dec 11, 2008
So starting in about 2 weeks I will be doing gymnastics 12 hours a week and right now I am doing 0. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can ease into this instead of just going BAM and being super sore. I only have two weeks to prepare so I need your help!
Make sure you're eating right and drinking a lot of water as well. Water is especially important the day after the first workouts. It helps so much to combat the soreness.
First of all, take it easy- don't kill yourself conditioning, stretching or landing, because overuse injuries (or, well, ANYuse injuries if you're starting from scratch) will come your way- muscle strains/tears, shin splits, etc.

I would begin with slight stretching (splits, shoulders, maybe back if your body is up to it) daily and whatever conditioning you've done in the past (situps, pushups, etc) every other day (at least- muscles need to rest in order to heal!). If you're out of shape, pretty much ANYTHING will build up your strength at this point, and I would just go with whatever you know works for you, in order to avoid injury by overtraining on something too hard or simply doing it wrong.
Make sure to gently stretch every muscle you've worked at the end of the workout, to minimize cramps.
Gymnastics Workout of the Day If you sign up to the athletics log, you can look at some of the more gymnastics workouts and pick different ones that may not be so CrossFit like.

A bodyweight crossfit workout like "Cindy" may be good for you. A round is 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats. The goal is to see how many rounds you can do in 20 minutes.

I would reccomend trying this at first for 10 minutes and focusing on good reps and not killing yourself. Scaling back. You can also scale the movements back ( jumping or swinging pullups, pushups on knees, hopefully you can do a squat but perhaps lunges instead or fewer squats ).

The only way you're gonna get used to 12 hours is by doing it for about 3-6 weeks. By week 3, you'll be a lot better than week 1 and you may notice by week 2 it isn't so bad. Make sure you are eating properly (?!) and sleeping and hydrating enough.

It would be a good idea to create a basic warmup, practice about 20-30 kick to handstands and about 1-2 minutes of total wall handstand time. This will depend on how what shape you are in now.

Work on a bunch of bridge stuff as well.

Work some pullups, pushups, leg lifts, and lunges/squats.

Stretch the first week 2-3x and if you can up that to 3-4 times the second week. 2-3 will be fine if the stretching leaves you too sore ( it takes time to get used recovering and working out ).
Just to clear things up... I am not a first time gymnast, I used to compete but a took a (long!) break. And thanks everyone its all very helpful. Keep it coming :)
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