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This weekend we hosted our 9th Annual Universal International Invite. I've been so busy working to help make this happen. Firday night I helped set up and decorate till about 1:00am and enjoyed every minute of it. For the first time parents, and coaches hanging out laughing and enjoying ourselves. I had a blast. Of course though, I am exhausted from all the activities this weekend. We had teams attend from Michigan, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Peru to name a few. It was really nice for dd to see gymnast from other countries. It was very patriotic with flags instead of team names. Well dd competed on sunday morning.

I was very anxious for this meet because dd has really been working hard to receive her much needed and deserved 36AA. For the last 3 weeks or so she has been really focused, motivated and her form has really improved.

Well she started on beam and during warm up fell out of her handstand. She looked shocked and disappointed but managed to recover. Her beam rountine was great except maybe her dismount was not as vertical as it has been in training. All in all I thought she looked great! Very tight and crisp! She scored a 9.30 and placed 2nd.

Next up, floor. She has worked really hard to clean up her floor to receive her first 9. She had her best floor routine ever! There was not wobble or extra steps and she even nailed that dreaded leap. She has struggled with her leap all season. However she didn't quite hold her handstand long enough but still managed to receive her highest score on floor yet....a 9.2 and place 3rd.

Then it was off to vault-not one of her best events. Although she has received a 9.15 twice before. At warm up HC was re teaching her the vault. DD was practically doing a front tuck over the mats:eek:. HC was nervous and worked with her more so than any other girl. Finally when it counted she ran, jumped, rolled and stood so fast I couln't tell if it was good or bad. She scored a 9.15 (again for the third time-talk about consistency) and placed 3rd.

Finally, bars! DD has always had great potential in this event but for some reason or another has never received a 9. And since it was her last event I had noticed not a lot of 9's being given and was getting pretty nervous. I had already calculated she needed an 8.30 for her 36 so either way I was estatic. At warm up she kept missing her mill circle doing two instead of one:eek:. Her coach wouldn't let her off the bar until she nailed at least one. When it counted she had a beautiful bar with mill circle and all and received a 9.25 and placed 1st.

Her AA score was a 36.9 and placed first!!:D DD was so happy to receive her 36! She came up to me before awards to let me know about her 36 and had tears of happiness in her eyes. She said mama I am so happy, I am crying. I guess she was trying to understand why she was crying if she was happy. Her face and joy was priceless. After award she went outside and did ROBHSBHSBHS. It must of been all the adrenaline because they looked great!

So it looks like dd will be training with the level 4 starting tuesday. She is so estatic!

I have not uploaded the videos yet but I will post them as soon as I do.
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Mar 9, 2008
OMG!!! A big hug & congrats to DD!!!! Not only did she achieve her goal... but surpassed it with nearly a 37AA! So happy for her & you! Now that was a meet to celebrate!!! Good luck in L4...sounds like she's well on her way!


WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Congratualtions to you and DD, that is so awesome, good luck at level 4!!!!


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Feb 26, 2007
CONGRATULATIONS on the best and last L3 meet. What wonderful scores, thanks for sharing her proud moments. Great work.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Great job to Olivia! What a way to finish L3! She is going to rock L4. :D Can't wait to see her videos.


Her form has improved so much she looked so tight and precise. wow what a great meet for her and well deserved scores. That leap on floor was super! you were obviously right about her being more focussed in practice.


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Mar 1, 2007
I commented on the video, but my youtube name is oobie1998 just in case you were trying to figure who that was, LOL

She did AWESOME! I think she was ready for L4 a long time ago, but you are right it is nice to go out with a bang and a real confidence booster to star L4 with. She must still be doing ROBHS after that performance.

I feel your pain about the bars. It's my DD's favorite too and does well on them at practice, can do a kip and almost a cast handstand too, but still has only got one 9 in L4. I hope she figures it all out in L5

Let us know how she liked her L4 practice tonight!


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Beautiful, awesome, fabulous job Olivia!

Good luck in L4...she is way ready I think!!!:D
Sep 8, 2007
Way to go Olivia we knew you could do it! Your dd amazes me to be so young and so focused,well now those other team mom's cannot say anything about Olivia moving up now that she has her 36!!!


Thank you guys for all the nice comments and support!!
Last night was her first official L4 practice and she was absolutely elated. They work on gracefulness and were doing some ballet. She loves, loves, loves ballet and classical musical. In fact I am going on saturday to sign her up for a beginners ballet class next to gym.

I am just so happy she received her 36. Mid season HC was pressuring the girls to get a 36 to move and dd was completly stressed out about it. When HC told me dd would probally move up regardless I was thrilled. I explained to dd that she didn't have to worry about getting a 36 because she was moving to L4 regardless. I wanted to remove some of the pressure. Her teamates would ask her if she was moving up and she say yes and they'd respond "but you don't have a 36 yet." You could tell dd felt bad about not "earning" her spot on L4. I wanted nothing more than for to earn her 36 and her spot on the team. I am also glad all her hard work and focus paid off when it most counted.

On Monday when I picked her from school one of her teachers asked me what a 36 meant because dd went on and on about how she got a 36. LOL! It's so funny to me how children are so self centered. They think that if they know something everyone else does too. DD is not a shy girl by any means. She stops and talks to everyone. I tend to be more reserved, shy. But boy has she made me come out of my shell. She'll stop people and explain and tell them long stories about things that happen etc. Most of the time they have no idea what she is talking about because she'll leave out important details because she assumes they know what she's talking about. Children are sooo funny!

Thank you all again.:p


Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
Hello there! I am new to CB posting, although a longtime lurker:)! It is great that your dd wants to take ballet to help with her gymnastics. My daughter is a 7 yo level 3 and started dance this year and it has made a huge difference! When I signed her up, I spoke with the ballet studio owner and told her she was doing it to help gym, etc. and she suggested she do 45 min of ballet and 45 min of lyrical. The lyrical really helped with her leaps...she was dragging her back leg and not realizing it, now she is at 180. The expression has really helped her floor too. Congrats to you dd, she is a doll and so talented! My daughter did that meet last year (with her old gym) and it was rockin....really the most fun meet we had ever been too! The music and energy was great. It is nice for her to really rock it with a home meet!
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