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It's a huge achievement and a very proud day. I love how relaxed and friendly the Commonwealth Games are. Bad day for Sam Oldham, though. I hope he is ok; it looked serious.

Max Whitlock's vault blew me away.
I wish I could watch them! I can't seem to find it on my tv even though we have all the channels. Maybe it's something about me being in Canada...
They really killed it. Awesome job.

Teezi, I watched online using a chrome extension called HOLA that assigns you a UK IP address. So I could watch the BBC live feed.

There is lots more gym to be seen this week AA and event finals.

The CBC has terrible coverage of the gymnastics, even though the mean placed,
Thanks bogwoppit I'll try to watch it their when I can, I wanted to try to record it because I'm going to be at gymnastics so
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