Good Gym Names???

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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2008
The joke with the parents at our gym would be start at the back of the alphabet. We are Airforce and always have to go first in our rotation and the parents are joking that we should change to Z-force so we can go last in the rotation, as there is only one gym in the state that comes before us in alphabetical order.



Think about a play on words or spelling, like Flipz or Flipsters. You could also consider gymnastics-type words that start with the same letter as the owner's name or the town. In Georgia, there is the Thomasville Twisters, for example. Another idea is something with powerful sounding words like thunder, lightening, etc. Hope some of this helps!


I like the ones from the town I grew up in Future Flipz and Apollo. I Like both names. DD current gym is a persons name. Sometimes just other names of gyms help come up with a knock off. I hate when they are the name of the owner. I asked my niece tonight if she could name a gym what would she name it. Here is what she said, lol.

Kart Wheelers
Tumbel Techs
Flippin Fun
Tumble Time
Tumble Rumble


I was looking at my J.A.G. Dvd and just thought what about something like that?

Not necessarily Jag, but same idea.

Jumping Acrobatic Girls lol I am sure you get the idea.


Jul 5, 2007
I vastly prefer "clean" sounding names, or even acronyms, rather than anything cutesy or trying too hard. Just a thing I have, I guess.


Another way to come up with ideas is to brainstorm. Sit down and write everything that comes to mind when you think of gymnastics. Just make a list, no editing. One word will lead to another and another. When you're done, you'll have a list of words to work with and something will spark an idea.
Dec 8, 2007
Where ever your gym is near I'd use that as the first word then a mascot or something to do with gymnastics that sounds good with it.


Oh, also, anything that lets you use initials is good. Think VGA from "Stick It" (Vickerman Gymnastics Academy).


I like the "Flippin' Gym" Since how the parents are always writing a check to that Flippin Gym anyway. He he, I hope that doesn't offend anyone, but I think it is funny. ;)
Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
Just try to be creative. If I were you, I'd stray from anything the has twisters, stars, etc. in the title, because there's most likely a gym out there with the same name. My gym's name is Arcadia, which is Latin for something of meaning... I forget what it is. :p But see if you find anything of interest in a foreign language like that. That way, it'll be creative and no one else should have it! :)


gym names

what is the name of the gym now? they should try to keep the old name a part of the new name so that people who once went there could easily find it, also if the gym has a good reputation, it wouldn't want to start out from square one...unless its under new ownership and they have to change it...hmmm...
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