good luck for inexperienced spectators!

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Nov 18, 2011
Region 7
So we're off to a faraway meet in which DS competes tomorrow -- it's so far away that it's sorta kinda close to my mom and aunt, who live two states over. They have agreed to make the (longish) trip out to watch DS compete. My mom's been to a few girls' meets, but my aunt has never seen a gymnastics meet in her life. I've told them just to come for the meet part and not the warmups, but I'm hoping that they enjoy watching a horde of restless L4 boys poke and punch each other in between doing six 30-odd second routines over the course of two hours. And then that they can tolerate sitting through fifteen or so places out on six events for three or four age groups without killing me!

I'm going to treat them to a nice lunch afterward. I hope it's compensation enough.
Good luck with that! My in laws insist on coming to youth wrestling meets & spend all 3 hours asking me when are the boys going to wrestle and on what mat. And then most matches only last about 30 seconds before they end with a pin. I can't imagine what they are going to be like at gymnastics meets! (I have a 7YO Level 5 boy.) Luckily they are appalled we have to travel so far and will only be coming to the one local meet that we have:) But really - good luck & have fun. We are off for our first meet next weekend and I think its just me & my mom (DH has to take my other son to wrestling)!
Good luck to your ds this weekend! I bet your family will really enjoy the meet. Think of how fun it would be to see your grandson/nephew do what he loves. And they don't have to stress over the outcome like you do since they don't know any better ;).
Thanks! Whew! It all went OK -- they had some GPS trouble and made it in just as the meet was starting, but they got to see everything and had a really good time. Mom got a little mad at me when I reported to DH that I thought DS was overscored on one event, but other than that, they even managed to survive the awards, with a few well-timed jokes about the 25 to 27 1/2 year old 14th place winner on P Bars. It was so great to spend some time with my aunt, whom I don't see nearly enough. Now I am hoping for more meets way the heck out there.
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Late to it but I highly recommend something to sit on. Benches get sore after 3-4 hours, much less 8-12.
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