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Hi Bog!

I remembered reading that your little Bogs have their evaluations today, so I wanted to wish the good luck! I'm sending the strength, flexibility, and all skills fairies your way!!!

If your gym is like mine, you might not know the results for awhile, but please let us know when you find out!!
Aw you are the sweetest for remembering that. Little Bog will be off there at 4pm for three hours, oldest will be staying home as she is still in physio and can't do much for a few weeks. The coach said she knows where she's at and there is no point pushing her.

In a small gym like ours things do not change a lot. We have only four or five comp training groups and most of them have girls from multiple levels and age groups in, the coaches are amazing at their multi-tasking abilities. Oldest has trained with the same girls for at least 6 years, though this year a lot have left so I think there are only 4 left from her original group, so there will be other girls moving in with them. It'll be interesting to see who they are and how the new dynamic will work.

I imagine youngest will be with the same gang as last year with the head coach as they are all about the same place. We never find out the results and as my girls have trained most of summer the coach knows exactly where they are at. But I would say 90% of our team girls do not train at all from mid May until Sept, so evaluating them is a bigger deal. Skills lost and body changes can change a level or group.

No gym for a week after tthe evaluations, time to get life ready for the school and gym year to begin.

DS began CEGEP in Montreal today, I drove him down yesterday to help put the finishing touches on his Pod (read very, very small) He seems to be up for the challenge and met some of his teachers on Thursday, he felt very positive about that. House is quiet without him, though I am sure we'll get used to it as well.

Hope things are going well for you too. ; )
I shall send good thoughts and vibrations to the great white north all day. :)
Sending her some luck!! And putting out a reminder to the kip fairy that a sweet girl in Canada really would love a visit from her. :D
But I would say 90% of our team girls do not train at all from mid May until Sept, so evaluating them is a bigger deal. Skills lost and body changes can change a level or group.

Please pardon my ignorance Bog, but I can't imagine our gym girls taking off from May to Sept. Is that a normal occurence in Canada or do some American gyms do the same thing? Just curious... Thanks,

I really don't think many American gyms do this, in fact I have never heard of it from any of our almost 4000 members here.

Quebec is a very large province and gyms are often very far from kids homes. Most of our coaches are parents and have their kids off school in summer and therefore do not want to be driving mega hours for training a few hours. I do know of quite a few other gyms in our region that train the same way we do. Only our head coach/owner works full time in the gym, for the other coaches it is purely part time work, though they are all very well qualified through our stringent Canadian system.

I think this is much less common in the large city gyms, who have lots of kids, coaches and classes.

Due to the lmited hours and lack of summer training our girls rarely get past L6/7, just not enough hours to progress and time off just kills progress.

We do have a summer camp at the gym that provides 15 hours a week training, but the cost is so high it is out of reach for many families. Most of our parents are not aware that the system is bizarre so it's never been an issue at all. Girls have never left because they want to train more!!

In an ideal world I would prefer year round training, but it is not an option, and I wouldn't drive the 75 minutes each way to the nearest club that trains year round. My girls will never get far, but they still get all the pleasure that gym brings, great friends, wonderful role models and a lot of fun.
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