Good Luck needed for bars and vault

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Jul 29, 2007
My dd has her first level 3 meet on Saturday. She doesn't have her mill circle consistently, and her vaults not that great. We have open gym tomorrow afternoon. Please send her some "Good Luck" for her bars and vault that maybe something will happen tomorrow that will click for her on these 2 events.
I'll be sending some good vibes her way.:)

Hope she has a fun meet, does she love her team leo? It was all my little one really cared about at meets, that and having cute hair!
She cares nothing about her hair. Pull it back in a ponytail with clippies to hold the flyaways and she is ready to go. We got new team leos this year, so I guess she is excited to wear it for the first time.

We did a private lesson last week and she was getting the mill circle about 70% of the time. This week, she hasn't gotten any. :( Maybe after open gym and a little competitiveness at the meet (she's very competitive), she will get with it.
She will do great! Sending you lots of good wishes for all her events on Saturday!!
We too are in L3 and having trouble with the dreaded mill circle...:(
Hope it clicks for her...sounds like she COULD get it with a little fairy dust!!!! Hope she does!!
I know the meet is now history, but hope dd had a great time. Is this her 1st year as a L3? If so, its a learning time in the beginning, then watch her take off.
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