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Vintage Gymnast

Kaity has her first Level 5 meet tomorrow. She has not been able to stay on the beam for her cartwheel, she has been freaking out over her vault (she had a lovely vault till she hit her back on the vault and bit her tongue, now she is scared), she cannot do her long hang kip or squat on, and her kip on the low bar is iffy at best, her floor routine isnt bad if she remembers which way to turn. UGH! Mommy is going to need some Tylenol after this meet. Anyway, if everyone can please wish her luck or a miracle or something I would sure appreciate it.
Thanks :)


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Wishing her the best of luck at her meet. I cannot say I blame her for being afraid of the vault after that - that should fix with time. Keep us posted on how she does.


I wish you luck! I hope she builds the confidence to get over that vault table:)

Keep us updated!


Im sure your daughter will be fine as long as shes having fun :D Good luck!


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Mar 1, 2007
Add me to the "belated" club! Hope your DD had a good meet. Sometimes when we don't think they will do well they surprise us! keep us posted!

Emma's mom

Sep 9, 2008
Good luck needed - Vintage Gymnast

I hope all went well! I think we are at the same gym.... My dd has her first meet this Saturday. I too hope she can figure out how to stay on the beam with her cartwheel!!! How did your dd do? I know what you mean about the vault. My dd hit her back and is also now tentititive about the vault. Oh well, it is only the first meet! Good luck to you!!!!
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