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DD has a good meet Saturday, considering our week!

It surely wasn't her best, but we aren't complaining how she finished up.

8.925 VT (4th - Best score yet!)
9.275 UB (3rd)
8.675 BB (Did make turn on dismount, had to get up and repeat, so went OT)
9.25 FX (3rd)
36.125 AA (3rd)

She didn't get too upset after beam, so I look at that as an accomplishment. She was just a little mad at herself. She was just happy that she finished 3rd (especially because she got a trophy).

She has two weeks until next meet, then states the end of April. I told DH that DD would like her to come to her state meet, which made him happy. I think he will actually go, which will make 2 meets this year!
Great AA score and some lovely personal best moments.

I hear ya on the DH thing, mine rarely goes as we have 3 kids, always a juggling act.
See now, I don't like my DH to go, cause that's MY time, LOL :D - if he comes along then I have to explain everything to him - oh, and of course, cringe everytime he tells someone how absolutely talented and fabulous our DD is :rolleyes:.

However, I digress....

CONGRATS to your DD, sounds like really it was, all in all, quite pleasant meet for her :) and 3rd AA sounds like quite an accomplishment to me!
Those are great scores! How nice to get a little trophy for 3rd AA. I am sure that made the day. :)

I also don't like my DH going, but DD does. He ruins the meet for me with his comments on how she could be doing better, etc. Ugh. I don't tell him NOT to come, but I don't encourage it either. If she asked him to, he would be there and he never tells HER his comments, but still. Let me just enjoy watching my little girl out there.

After the meet, another mom asked if I had wished he had been there for this meet since she placed on everything and I said NO. He needs to be happy and supportive whether she gets 5 medals or 0 medals. He doesn't understand gymnastics, despite me explaining it numerous times and doesn't realize all the little things that go into the score, how different gyms you are up against factor into the placings, etc.

Just go there, smile and cheer for your little girl, share her disappointment in a supportive way and talk up those things that went well. That is what you do at meets, if he doesn't want to do that, then I would rather he NOT be there. I hope he eventually comes around to just relaxing and not worrying about where DD places and recognizes the little accomplishments. Who knows though.

Yes, I prefer to attend meets alone. But she has asked for him to go, she said it makes her more nervous so she thinks she'll do better. He was late to the last meet and only saw two rotations, and she kept looking up at me and asking "Where's Daddy?", so I know she really wants him there. It also makes him a little more aware of how important it is to her.

He was good after this meet when she said the got 3rd (had been 1st AA last two meets) because she fell on beam. He told her not to beat herself up about it. We switched gyms this year and I think she sees she if happier.

One more to go, then states!
Great job! Those are some really nice scores and a personal best, way to go. I'm sure that she'll rock the house at States.

I'm on the other end with the DH. My DH loves to go to all of her competitons and was really disappointed that due to work schedule wasnt' able to make 2 meets this year. He's always very supportive to dd and he likes to hang with the other DHs at the meet. I really likes when he comes along, that way I have a video man. The 2 meets that he couldn't make it to, 1 I had to do the video and give up taking my photos (which I love to do) and the other I made my older dd and friend go along so that they could man the video for me. Older dd doesn't mind going, but it isn't her thing and she gets bored fast. She's 16 and so.. if no boys are involved, forget it. My older dd and my ds (12) usually hit 1 meet a year (to cheer her on). Kelsey really prefers it to be just mom and dad going though. It's her time to have us all to herself, an 'all about me' day.

Good luck at States!
DH would be no help with video - he doesn't know how to use it or my camera! I'd be better off asking my 9 year old! 9 year old gets bored very easily also, and is usually just interest in what food they have (not into boys yet, thank goodness). But I will say she alway calls several times during the meet to see how her sister is doing. I don't leave my phone on, so she is very anxious to hear by the end.
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