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Nice to meet all of you! My name is Yongho Shin. I am 20 years old.

I am very inspired when I watch gymnasts and acrobats. I decided to drop from my college rowing team to pursue gymnastics this year. I have been doing a lot of reading and note-taking, and have started doing exercises to build my strength and flexibility.

I have a question on training: how often and how long should I do it? I read that gymnasts train their whole body for 4+ hours a day, 5-6 times per week. This is against what I have been taught in bodybuilding. (rest 1-2 days before working same muscles again)

I've spent an equivalent amount of time while on the rowing team, so I am sure I can make the time for this kind of training. Is this the smartest way to build strength and flexibility for a beginner gymnast?


as far as i can tell gymnastics is quite the opposite of bodybuilding. in body building you are lifting heavy heavy weights a few reps at a time. in order to build muscles you actually rip the muscle and the time off is needed so it can heal itself. while healing is when it builds. gymnastics you are only lifting your body weight. i never lifted weights until college gymnastics and even then it was pretty light weights. it's all mostly body weights. top level gymnasts train between 20-40 hours a week. the ones in the olympics are on the higher end. I did college and was between 20-25 the majority of my life. i dont think as a beginner you need to do taht much. maybe 10 hours a week to work on the basic skills and technique. once you master those and start working on the harder saltos, release moves, vaulting, etc you might have to train more because those skills take longer to learn...
Not open for further replies.