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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Well - I have been away for a couple of days (our internet was not working :mad: ).

The good news:
DD got her cast off on Thursday. Got new x-rays and the break in her growth plate is healing very well.

The bad news:
They decided to keep her in a splint for 4 more weeks!! :eek: So, we are still at nothing but turns, leaps and jumps for 4 weeks. Hopefully at that point she can gradually return. She will still be restricted from impact (ROBHS etc) for a while after that. The date she is supposed to be able to get the splint off is 2 weeks before her first meet. It seems she will miss at least that one if not the one after that as well. We will have to see how weak she is.

More good news:
She can take the splint off to sleep and shower so....... she can take her own baths and showers again !!!! And it is much more comfortable. She can remove it to wash her hands or scratch an itch.

Thanks for all your happy thoughts through this.
How frustrating for her, I am glad that it is xmas, that at least means everyone else is having some down time. I guess it is better this way than to reinjure it . Hopefully once she gets through the 4 weeks she be doing fine.

Sending the healing fairy your way.
She has been so patient through all of this! It seems like it has been little baby steps along the way. I hope that means she will have no long term problems!

Good luck! I am sure the next 4 weeks will fly by!
I know you are both a little frustrated with how long the healing process is taking, but a growth plate fracture is more serious than say a fracture a few more inches up the forearm. This type of fracture can easily re-fracture if she doesn't ease back into things and let it really heal. At least now, no more cast.

A L6 at our gym had the exact same fracture about a month before their meet season started. She was in 2 casts for a total of about 5 weeks and then a splint that she had to wear 24/7 for a month. She was allowed to start back on bars and beam(but no bwo)---vault and tumbling were added once she completed the month in the splint, but was still limited on how much tumbling she could do. She had to miss a couple of meets and the 1st one back, she only competed beam. Good news is, she made it to states.

So, take it slow, follow what the doc says to do and she'll end up the season with a healthy wrist and hopefully won't think much about how it all began.
Aawwww! Dang! Just give her our BEST, and tell her to keep hanging in there! :)
That stinks but it's better to be cautious. You don't want to take chances with the growth plate. Can she start some strengthening and flexibility exercises with putty? dd was able to do mild stretching and work wit the putty to strengthen her grip when she got her cast off. But she wasn't in a true splint. She used a tiger paw for 2 wks afterward - it was new and very stiff, so it acted like a splint. After she got the dr's clearance (6 wks after the fracture), the coaches still wouldn't let her do much for 2 more weeks and then they slowly brought skills back. So - you may want to talk with her coaches about what their plan will be - that way, there's not another disappointment...

hang in there.
Sorry that she still has to wear a splint, but glad she is healing well and the cast is off. I hope she gets back to perfect soon and can start training and that she doesn't have to miss too many meets.
Good things come to those who wait. Better to make sure all gets healed and wrapped up thoroughly in one injury, rather than have a constant nagger because they let her come back too soon.

I have a team gymmie of mine, an older 1st yr L3, who showed up to our team Holiday Fun Practice on Thu in a split. Seems her sister sat real hard on her hand/thumb and fractured the thumb joint. This is her 2nd splint since the end of summer... go figure!

Keep yours and her spirits up. This is just a small juncture in her young career. It WILL pass. I guarantee.
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