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First of all, being a man, i must apologize in advance to all women. My question is---Is it a good or bad idea for a former female gymnast, who is in her early 20's, and has not trained for many years to be doing ROBHS and ROBFlip on the air track and rod floor when she is 4-6 months pregnant ?

I really would like to know


Being a man also, I still say - consult a doctor. I know certain physical activities are ok up to a certain point. I would assume that once you hit 5 months or so, all that bouncing and tightening wouldnt be the best for a developing baby... then again, Im not a doctor. I have heard stories of women being in car accidents who are futher in term than her and the baby was fine, and I have heard stories of women who were earlier who landed funky on their stomach and hurt the developing child..

Really.. just ask her doctor.


If I was the gym owner I would ask for a letter from her doctor giving the go ahead to be performing advanced gymnastics. Liability could be huge.

It would be a bad landing that would be my biggest concern, that can happen easily when pregnant as the growing tummy throws balance out.
I would personally not be comfortable with that, for myself or for someone in a facility I was in charge of. That said, while I believe there was a relatively recent study about a correlation between heavy exercise and miscarriage, it was in the first trimester and most of those studies are based on recall. Honestly it probably isn't enough in itself to be heavy physical exertion or trauma, but I would be concerned about the potential for a secondary fall or injury and I think at some point it could potentially increase your risk for preterm labor and for the cord wrapping. But I am not a doctor, that would just come to mind. I think there are a lot of factors that potential trauma affecting the fetus would be based on, but when there are controllable risks, you might as well play it safe. As well I think many people eventually experience looser joints in pregnancy (maybe not until 3rd trimester for most) which would increase the risk of injury to hips, knees, etc and also stressing the joints repeatedly prior to this could lead to more pain later on.
Thank you for your answers. There is nothing i can do about the situation because her mother is the HC and was the one spotting her for these skills.

I just found it disturbing, unethical & unhealthy in my opinion.

I would have to say as a woman - I would not be doing it. I would say yes to the Dr's note. Like Don said, if it is her mom as HC - not much you can do.

can't fix the mistake if something bad happens. scary to me.
From a woman's perspective, I think she is nuts! Last Summer at my DD's Dive Championship at the end they had all the team coaches go off the diving boards for fun. They were all showing off their best dives. One team had a PG coach about 7 - 8 months doing flips and twists. Great that she can do it, but why jepardize the health of the baby for exhibition only? Same with the gymnast. If this is for fun, why take the risk? Wouldn't the gym be held liable if god forbid something should happen?
Okay well beings as I am 3 months pregnant myself and coaching I am also 24 years old I will say that my doctor told me if I have always been doing it that I can keep doing it until it causes discomfort. I coached and did some gymnastics through my entire first pregnancy dd is now 2.5. I am not a back tumbler but I do still do front handspring on the Tumbletrack and punchfronts and roundoffs and I will do them until I feel any discomfort. I have stopped doing the bars becuase the front hip circles put to much pressure on my bladder. At some point her bladder will start to make it hard for her to even jump trust me from experience. But I know the thing I hate to hear is people saying no no you cant do that your pregnant it just made me want to do it more. As long as she listens to her body it will be okay.
If she is, indeed, as much as 6 months, the hormones in her body also be starting to soften all the ligaments (in preparation for a large object which needs to move down a small space - need I say more?). This can mean that she will not land things in quite the same way as before and is in danger of muscle damage.

Hopefully common sense will prevail...
I am not a parent,or coach so really i don't know alot about stuff a woman should not do while pregnant, but my mom is a coach and she said she was still doing cartwheels and stuff when she was 7-8 months pregnant with me{ I am here today, and there is nothing wrong with me!} But i don't think my mom was flipping though. But like I said i am not a parent or coach so.......
I would not do that if I was pregnant, period. Just one wrong landing and you could end up losing your baby. Not worth it at all, in my opinion.
A major concern I have is that this is a former gymnast who according to the OP hasn't done any gymnastics in a long time. It would be a risk for her to go out on the tumble trak(pregnant or not) and try to do skills she hasn't done in years. One poster talked about coaching and doing some skills while pregnant, but sounds like she's kept up with her gymnastics skills and has a pretty good feel of what she can and can't do.

I think she's taking an unnecessary risk---if she wants to get back to doing some tumbling wait til after the baby comes then get back to it. Any liability would be rather awkward since she'd be suing her mom?!
Wow, who would want to do this stuff while carrying a baby. I coached and demonstrated things like Cartwheels, Handstands and basic skills throughout both my pregnancies but to tumble and do something you need a spot for is just crazy. Your body goes through so many changes it just seems careless to try these skills. My doctor warned against any type of risky sports and gymnastics in my opinion is a risky sport.
I can't even FATHOM doing that stuff while pregnant. It was all I could do to walk around!!! :D
I vote no. It's not just the idea of jarring the fetus around. It's pretty well protected with amniotic fluid mom's abd and pelvic structures. What bothers me is that if mom gets hurt, baby can suffer. Being as she is still in the early stage of pregnancy, her balance is probably not being affected YET. But, if she were to suffer and injury, then her body has to do double duty to heal itself and carry a baby to term. I'd be interested to hear what her OB/GYN or CNM would have to say.
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