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So today was the day my dd said goodbye to her coach. She was terrible all through practice and then cried through the end. It was awful and then she did not want to say goodbye at all. I ended up telling her we would make a scapbook about each week and take pictures and send it to her.
I know exactly how she feels. I was crushed and my Mom gave me some really good advice. She told me that I shouldn't be really sad and mopey because they wouldn't want me to be sad about them keaving. They are happy where they moved and now they can come to my state for a vacation and I can go to their state for a vacation. I know how hard it is but she can still call and e-mail. It makes me work harder in class because I want my coaches to know how much they influenced me and how well they coached me. I want to make them proud and I hope I have.
I just found out that one of my coaches is leaving. She is training to be a missionary; 2 years of study in Missouri and then her and her husband will select a country to live and teach in. Their goal is to be living there by 2010 or 2011. I found out on July 17th and the last practic eshe's coaching is July 31st. It was very short notice, so everyone was kind of surprised. Last year, we had one of the best coaches we've ever had, but she moved to Hawaii to study marine biology after only one year of school at the college near our YMCA. But we knew right away that she was coming in september and leaving in May. I'm pretty sure the level 6 coaching position is jinxed.... We've had three different coaches in the past five years. I was just discussing with my mom if/when they'll get a replacement. Our optionals coach has been wnating to add on level sixes for some time now.
When I was 8 or 9 my coach who had been with me from the beginning moved and I was devistated. My mom gave me the same advice as GymnastRaeRae87's, and my mom reminded me to stay strong. I know your daughter will pull through. Change can be either bad or good, depending on how it is viewed. Try to stay positive and open-minded about the situtation.
My daughter isn't going through the sadness of having a coach leave, but is very down about some friends who have quit team. One was just about her best buddy on the L6 team and we shared a hotel room with her and her mom at our out of state meet in Feb. Nobody saw it coming that this girl would quit. She came in about 3 wks after we all got back and told the coach and team it just wasn't for her anymore. Now, she does stop by the gym and the girls email each other plus my daughter will be at the same middle school as this girl this coming year. But, I think they both know it will never be quite the same. Just as she thought she had worked this out, another friend from pre-team days came in a few days ago and also quit. She had stayed back an extra season on pre-team, so the girls didn't compete at the same level, but tried to chat etc. when the teams practiced together. This girl has had some back strains and just said she has lost her desire to do gymnastics. She was no slouch in her year as a L5---4th AA at states and scored in the mid 36s- low 37s all season.

Now my daughter is starting to question whether she is doing the right thing by staying. Both girls who have left have talked to her about joining them in competitive cheerleading or volleyball.
mass exodus

This era your DD is experiencing is what my DD coach calls the junior high school exodus. they want to try other things like boyfriends and school dances and after school stuff. they dont want to be in the gym for all those hours and not etc. The cheerleading squad also starts to heavily recruit them for their tumbling prowess. don't take it personal. This is a season of change at this age. those girls will come back but maybe in a rec class. As long as she knows it is their decision and not personal. I am on abudget so it could also be parent finaincail issues. As a proud parent I would be too embarrassed to tell my child or gym I could not afford the lessons?:)
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