Got my cast off! :]

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I was crying during the whole thing because I was terrified of the saw, but wow, so worth it. My foot was so hairy. :p

I never knew my Achilles would be this sore! It was like once I got out of the cast It was "OH AH OW EE".

I guess when ya don't use something it tightens up.
Yea!!!! Great news! You must feel very relieved! Yea--it will take some time to loosen that foot back up--it will be stiff for a while. I remember when I dislocated my elbow, they put me in a cast for 10 days and it was still very stiff afterwards. So just give it time.
Woop woop! It feels great when they take it off, you just want to run everywhere!!

P.S. I know what you mean about the hairiness. I was so embarrassed, the doctor that took mine off was stunning! Haha.
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