gracefulone competes

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gracefulone competes at her first meet of the season at 8:00 Am


Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Gracefulone, when is the state meet for where you live? Norcal state meet for level 6 is this weekend. Our girls season is almost over and your is just starting.


it's at the end of march.....could be hard to make though. It's 4.5 hours away or so and I have wsma's for orchestra the sane day! Yikes. Usually wsma is on the smae day as sectionals, so it's close. My parents and I are already nervous; I have group perfromance, a quartet, a solo, and possibly a duet. one busy day!


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Aug 27, 2006
Hope it went well?!

I'm late , hope everything went well with your meet (server went down the other day finally back online). Btw thanks for the PM gracefulone ( I needed that)


I thought I'd let everyone know how my meet yesterday went. I made my backwalkover on beam, but skipped the front handstand in my dismount. I ende up with an 8.5 anyway and finished second. Vault is one my worst events. I got a 7.7. On floor, my I did my back tuck by myself( first time w/ a full routine). It was REALLY slow, but I got around and scored a 7.4 and fourth place. On bars, i screwed up my highbar kip and never technically comppleted the element b/c I was too focused on connetions, but I ended up winning the event with a 7.75. I took second all-around with a 31.35, qualifying me for state and nationals. Pretty good for my first meet.


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Sep 3, 2005
Great work...sounds like you know exactly what you need to do to raise those scores up a little bit. Keep up the hard work and good luck.


Those results are in another forum....I had another meet two weeks ago-it didn't go well at all. I had one yesterday-I got my highest floor score of the season-8.0, and ended up winning bars w/ a 7.45.


Wow.. how many girls were competing in your age group?? Not trying to make your scores sound bad or anything, but my niece had mid-high 8s in all her events at her last meet and finished with a 33.45 and only placed 6 in the AA (out of 15)!? She was competing in PREP Op 1 with the 10-11 year olds. Most of the girls who won had scores in the mid 9s, and had competed in Level 4 last year. Even the one girl on Ash's team who was training at L5 struggled with mid 8s and 1 9 (9.25 on vault gave her 6th). It was a rough meet for all the girls from Ash's gym. :( But they had only had less than a month to practice the routines.


Firt, I compete level six, with a varying number of girls in my age group. Secondly, none of them have very strong bars routines. So yeah, it seems low, but I actually score the highest on my team and sometimes win bars by over a point, with low to mid sevens.
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