Grades 2017 results

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Is development 5 the same as compulsory 5?

I think it must be something similar. Not sure what development 4 age 9 is ? or Development 4 open age. Unless they are kind of out of age compulsory 4 and 5 or something. The North Handbook on line is 2014 so too out of date to tell.
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Suprised to see on europa facebook page that akeilah ashman howe did national 2.

That's her and jaime who were very successful at compulsories who haven't made espoir.
Presuming she will do challenge in the Autumn. Compulsory 1&2 moving 6 weeks earlier this year will lead to fewer numbers perhaps
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I agree , I think there will be more in the 2nd chance retake in september and also more trying to come in through challenge cup, still in age and also more waiting a year and going out of age. Lots of opportunities for girls to qualify to the British which is fab.
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