Great 2 weeks, and the good times keep comin!

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Sep 19, 2008
I'm on an upswing where everything seems to be going my way! Not only that, but the people around me too. Everyone is awesome to be around, my girls are great, coworkers awesome! I'm trying to keep the details of this awesome in mind for when the pendulum inevitably swings the other way. One of the sillier high points includes getting new staff shirts! 3 Different colors that are NOT white! I have like 10 shirts that are white but are see through so I never wear them. Gimme a colored one I can throw any sports bra under please! New grand total of colored shirts is 6, YES!!

My first routine is coming along great! Got my music and over half of it all planned out. I got some music editing software and was pretty proud of myself for being able to cut it into 4 parts for ease of focused practice. One of our level 10's is going to perform it so I can send it to the girls coach as a reference. She's super sweet for doing it, the girl I'm doing it for pretty much idolizes her so there's a bit of fan worship involved! She showed her how to put on her new grips last week. Totally normal scene but it was completely adorable, like watching a big sister tie a smaller siblings shoes lol. I'm really glad for it. Honestly I think my girl has been down lately, so this has renewed her determination to have 'sick tricks' (her words lol). She got her front tuck for the first time just frolicking around last week on floor, so the happier she is, the more 'sick' she is! She's bringing in a team mate for a semi private this week, I hope she has enough fun to bust out a standing full! :D

(jk jk!)

Got some awesome handsprings over the table to standing happening too! One girl got it and the rest have been getting the skill over the past week like it's contagious! The first girl to get it is an extremely detrmined, articulate, and friendly gymnast. I think her perspective after getting it was a big help to the others sudden success. Whatever the case, it's all good!
Great to hear that it is going so well. You may have found your new hidden talent. Nice that you are being encouraged too!
Great to hear that it is going so well. You may have found your new hidden talent. Nice that you are being encouraged too!

Thanks! Honestly I spent so many years coaching competitive bars and vault that I really think it took a year of nearly exclusive floor and beam coaching to get me to this point. Most of the gymnasts I know can't stand dance, so finding ways to get them to give it a shot has been the hardest part. From what they tell me it's not that they hate it, it's that they feel 'silly' doing it. I've seen them fall out of a perfectly beautiful full turn to stop and giggle and mock themselves, it's nuts! Whyyyyyy!!!!?! Oh well, they're coming along, and giggling is better than tears.

I've taken this music cutting nerdery to a new level and bought a wireless plantronics headset. I was dancing down the hall last night with a Rice Krispie treat stuck to my finger, it was glorious. The rice krispie treat I mean :p I did parlay the music end of it to get my floor routine gymmie dance lessons. Turns out a mom on her team is a dance teacher and needed music for her DD's routine, we made a trade. It was a song I was considering for my use, I really liked it so I'm glad someone is using it!
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