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Nov 5, 2007
Thank you catesmom.She did well at that meet.She did a midseason change is now competing Level 8.The Great West gymfest was the first meet she competed Level 8 in all events.She did well.The competition was tough.I have vault and floor up on youtube.
Here are her scores:

Vault 9.15 (4th Place)
Floor 9.275(3rd Place)
Bars 8.875(6th Place)
Beam 8.975(8th place)

All Around 36.275 (6th Place)
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Congrats to the great meet your dd had Hunde2 and way to go on the midseason level up:) that is so awesome:)

and the videos are fantastic:) She did so great:) You must be just beaming with pride:)
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