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Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
I've been the mom of competative gymnasts for the last 5 years. I've got a level 8 (age 14) and a level 7 (age 12). My 8, who has always shown me that hard work and drive are far more important than talent, is done this year. My 7, who never set the world on fire as a compulsory, has suddenly blossomed! Who knows how many years of living at the gym I have left.
welcome to Chalkbucket,

sounds like the girls are doing great. I think my dd may also blossom in optionals. she is only L3 and only doing compulsory routines this year.
Hi and welcome. The best thing about optionals is that there are no deductions for floor pattern/not doing precise hand/dance movements.
Welcome! I'm a level 8 and I'll be 14 on Sunday! I always got low floor scores in compulsary but now that I'm an optional I have floor music and dance in it that I can actually do.... lol
Not open for further replies.