For Parents Grip Emergency-Any advice ?

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Jun 25, 2014
Help!!!! DS has states tomorrow and tonight after practice he was complaining that the holes in his grips were too tight. My husband tried to make the holes larger, but rather than using sandpaper he used his knife! I am sure you can all imagine where this is going....he ripped the spacer between the 1st and 2nd hole! Rather than 3 finger holes, DS now has 1 large and 1 small! He competes in 14 hours!!!!! I know he should have a backup pair but he is a L5 and just got these 5 months ago, so I did not think this would be an issue ( I have now learned my lesson)

Does anyone have any thoughts - it looks like I might be able to sew he space back together with 2 stitches. Should I try that, or try some other adhesive? DS says he can just compete with them as they are but I think that is not ideal. I asked if he could compete without them and he was admanent that he must wear them ( he currently has a ripped which is not helping)
The sewing idea sounds pretty good. That's how all our leather shoes stay together.

Otherwise, is there a teammate w/ the same size hands? My daughter has borrowed grips on occasion when hers were forgotten at home.
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Thinking further on how shoes are made, do you have a local shoe repair guy who might be able to do some "professional" stitches?
Will they sell them at a big comp? Sometimes there are Leo/gym equipment stalls..
Borrow a teammate's whose hands/fingers are the same size or a little bigger. It will feel a little weird, but better than going without. You could try to buy a pair, but he wouldn't have a chance to break them in.
A team mate forgot grips at an out of town meet recently and borrowed a pair from another team mate in an earlier session. Not ideal, but she made it work. Good luck!!
I agree with the other comments-try to find a teammate with similar size hands and have him borrow those. They will feel different, but better than nothing.
Order 2 pairs of grips next time ;):D
how frustrating! Having just gone thru grip problems with my level 8,, I agree to see if you can borrow a pair, and start breaking in new ones asap!!! Back ups are good, but odds are, without an occurance like this, he won't really need the back ups and will outgrow them before he needs them. And let coaches fix finger holes ;)
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I'll agree with borrow a teammate's.
At a recent competition one of our girls forgot hers. We were figuring out the rotation vs same size hands of teammate, when a mom from another team who just finished let her use hers :)
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borrow - the older boys do it all the time - because they forget their stuff and don't want to tell their parents who would kill them! (At least "our" older boys)
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