For Coaches Grip finger holes stretched too big/other grips stretching long after 2 weeks

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Jun 29, 2017
Normally I just have them add tape to the finger holes until it fits again. This isn't working with one kid, what are some alternatives? I've seen folks use rubber bands, how can I set that up?

I'm also having lots of kids report that their grips are stretching out way too fast, like 2 weeks or a month before they can't hold the bar well and are unable to make that "hook" shape using their dowel. When breaking them in, I basically just have them do tap swings and kips and tell them to focus on putting weight on the dowel until they feel comfortable enough to do giants and circles.

Thoughts and opinions pls. I'm a grip noob. I just pulled the velcro and did my giants and it always worked.
Hi. I am following this thread as a fellow "grip noob". My personal experience was exactly as you described:
I just pulled the velcro and did my giants and it always worked

I usually follow the manufacturers instructions for breaking in grips. Have you noticed anything different in the quality? What brand of grips are your student using?
Here is a video with the rubber band thing... 55 seconds. I have to say that I have never had someone use the rubber bands... I always just rip them off.