Grip finger holes too big, what to do?

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Here's an interesting picture of Nastia. She's got the rubber bands and some foam in the finger holes.
Some grips have the rubber band around the dowel, but most don't. If they don't come around the dowel you can't really put them there, but you can just loop them through the finger holes. If you do it that way then you have two loops going around the wrist thing. I prefer to cut one and tie it a few times looped around another, so it looks the way shown in the picture (those look like they probably were attached to the dowel).
my grips used to be perfect but i let one of the older girls use them once when she forgot hers and she stretched out the finger holes A LOT..i use foam and itmakes them feel much better.. :)

UPDATE: and one of my coaches used to put tape around them (like you would for rubber bands) she never did mine, so i really don't know if it helped.
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when i was little, me and my friendd had dowel grips and our hands were way too small for them, so my coach took a long piece of tape, folded it over so it wasnt sticky, and hooked it through the finger holes and straped the two ends underneith the wristband, (the tape goes underneith the grip but on top of the wristband or underneith), or many girls just take a little piece off of the pit and stick them in the finger holes. those are easy and convienent. hope it helps!!

I use tape, I think it works the best. Just get a roll of tape, and cut it into a small strip then roll it around her finger as much as needed. You only need to put the tape on her middle fingers, and you can put tape on the finger beside the pinky (don't know what that finger is called haha), it depends..I usually don't put them on that finger, but sometimes that grip hole slips out so I have to. I know some gyms that use rubber bands (I am not sure how) and I know of some gymnasts that use little pieces of foam (again, I am not sure how).
The tape works for me the best though, and it's easy. I have mini portable scissors that I carry in my grip bag to cut the tape.
Hope this helped!
I use rubber bands, and they help A LOT. I never knew how many different ways people used rubber bands. I'm not sure if I can explain this right, but I'll try. First I put my grips on, but leave the finger holes off. I put the rubber band around the 2 fingers that the finger holes go on, then put the finger holes on my fingers. Next I twist the rubber band and put it over the top of the grip that's above the finger holes. It helps to keep the grips from slipping off my fingers since the finger holes are too big for my finger. I hope I expained this right; maybe someone can help explain it better? Anyway, I hope this helps.
MY DD also has the finger holes too big. She tried the foam and didn't like it but I might try to look into what bog said. My DD has used the rubber bands and found them too uncomfortable. what she did all last season was tape her fingers. She uses the regular athletic tape and puts tape around the two fingers in the spot where the grips fit on her fingers. She wraps the tape around two or three times. This solved her problem. She still has to get the coach to do it for her. When she tries on her own she can't quite get it right. In addition to the holes feeling to big and uncomfortable it can be dangerous. Anytime my DD doesn't use the tape her fingers slip out of the holes. Often this has happened while doing things on bars. She has peeled a few times after her fingers slipped out.

I have also seen coaches tape the holes of the grips themselves. Other brands could also have larger holes too. DD also uses the velcro grips. Most of the girls do as well. She wears the 10.0 pixie grips 000 w/dowels. She is finally getting used to them. But it does take a while for them to get used to.
one of the girls in my group has the same problem, and she did the foam thing and it seems to work pretty well, you just have to get the foam to the right size and it will be comfy enough :)
not sure what you can to if the holes are too big. I don't think choosing a hole size is an option on any brand. These things are expensive and buying several brands to 'Try them out" I don't think is really an option for anyone but at meets she could try some other gymnasts grips that have different brands. I think I would just put some tape around the fingers to make the fingers bigger so they won't slip down.
What we do is get a foam block and tear a little off it and put it through the hole as well as the finger, works like a charm :)
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