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Nov 7, 2013
My DD just got her first (and second) pair of grips. I don't know all of the terminology but her coach wants her to have something called a pixie grip that is more narrow with buckles instead of velcro. We measured her hand and ordered from the company her coach wanted us to order from, Frank Endo. She measured on the boarder of a 00 and a 0. We ordered a 00 and it was way too small and the holes were way too small. Before we sent them back she tried on a teammate's 0 and they were also too small. So, we went ahead and returned the first pair and ordered a size 1. The size 1 fits great in length, but the holes are super big. They go all the way over her knuckles. She then tried on another teammate's size 1 and the holes were also too big. Is there a way to get the grips without the holes and we can just put them in ourselves? Can I ask the grip company for a special order with smaller holes? I hesitate to keep ordering more and from another company when the sizes seem kind of off and with the shipping and reordering it's getting kind of pricey. The other two girls whose grips my daughter tried on got theirs from the same company and have no problems, so possibly my daughter just has weird hands. I saw when I searched the past forums that people had stuffed foam in their grip holes, but I don't want that, just grip holes that really fit. Any suggestions??
Normally, the grip holes will be a little small and you use sandpaper to make them bigger. I have done this for multiple gymnasts and multiple pairs of grips for OG (who wanted grips... got grips... tried grips... didn't like grips... practiced a little in them each practice for a while... then stopped because "it's too close to the start of the season" ... repeat x3... and 2x the old grips were too small when she was ready to try again.

We had success with the Pixie Grips at Ten-O.
Good luck.
If she measures a 00 then she should not be in a 1.... This is a safety issue....
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Most of the grips I have purchased for my DD require the finger holes to be drilled or filed after purchase.

You need to talk to your coach about fitting, I have never heard of anyone putting foam in the finger holes? I wouldn't want my DD doing giants or clear hips with grips with foam in the finger holes.

I have always measured the hands as directed by the manufacturer - generally, the gymmie cannot flatten the hand when the dowel grips are on, initially. The finger holes will need to be filed with sand paper to fit her finger.

Good luck.
I have the same problem with my DD's grips too (she is a size 00). Initially, I thought it was the brand (they were only two months old), so we switched brands. However, I went to wash her wristbands in her bag and took out her grips and saw that the coach had wrapped athletic tape around the inside lateral portion where the holes would meet if they were bigger. I thought this was a very clever way of making the holes smaller, instead of the foam fix. I don't consider this a permanent fix, and it is my clue that I need to order her new grips again. We only get about three months use out of grips for her.
Are you sure your DD's grips are the correct size? It seems odd that she would have measured 2 sizes smaller than what she is wearing. Will you post a picture?
I'm not sure how to post a picture. Can I do it from my phone? Her 2 other teammates that ordered also measured for a 00 and then had to return, one for a 0 and the other for a 1. The teammate that also got a size 1 is roughly the same size as my daughter, maybe a little smaller, but the holes fit her fine. My daughter's head coach was the person that measured and fit her grips. I trust that she did it correctly and she even had another coach come and look to see if what she was seeing was correct with the holes being so big. She then said maybe we would just have to wait to get grips. With how big the holes are, I think it could be several years wait. My daughter is working giants and clear hip to handstand and it seems that it would be an advantage to have the grips.
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