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Feb 26, 2007
Bigger Baby Bog has finally decided that she will wear grips. She had a pair of just right grips that she liked, but the finger holes were too big, never sanded them. So I ordered her a pair of reisport grips and she has the same problem, I guess her fingers are very narrow, I have looked at other brands and none of them fit her fingers.

What would you recommend, she wants to use the reisport grips, but I am not sure it is very safe if the finger holes are too large. Any ideas??? I am wondering about elastics on them.
Tape around the fingers and maybe rubber bands as long as they don't pull the holes back too far down her fingers.
Yep, as gymdog said, just put some athletic tape around the finger holes to get them to where they fit. You could also try rubber bands to help hold them on. Finger hole size is always a trouble with new grips--a lot of kids have trouble with them being too big, so it's nothing to worry about.
Yea, I usually use prewrap and then a little tape to hold it on so it is a little softer on the back of their fingers. Also tying a rubberband on the piece of leather between the holes then pulling it down to their buckle or velcro to hold the grip on their fingers is a nice trick.
In Britain we use what are called cleats. Which are basically bits of foam in various colors whichwrap around the top of the grip hole and make it smaller, you should be able to buy them from most major gymnastics suppliers, we get them off eBay and other auction sites too, they usually cost about £2 for a pack of 16 in various different sizes and colors, they are very simple and effective to use, I hope this helps
Lasswade that is just the thing, easier than taping and wrapping all the time. I have found a UK store with them, I can send them to my Mum and get them that way. I'll embed a photo so that all the coaches can see.

Maybe JBS could stock them in his store. They come in colour and white for comps.

Oh this is so wierd, it seems as though only one company in the world makes the grip hole fillers. I went to check out where they are in the UK to work out which of my overseas family should receive and forward them to me. Only to discover that the factory is within walking distance of my parents home in the middle of rural North Eastern England. I am totally gobsmacked.

Maybe I'll begin importing them!!!:D
Hmmm I would have never thought about doing it like that. Although now I've seen it I bet a similar thing could be done with pre-wrap on the grips, if they just needed it a little tighter. Thanks for the pic!
Yeah they are pretty hard to come by! but i never knew it was only one place that made them :eek::

Be careful when you push the bigger end through the hole, it is pretty fiddly and they can snap if your too aggressive, I had one gymnast snap a whole pack and have to order a new one!! I did it for her after that!!
The story got even funnier today, my Mum called the factory which is 3miles from her house, the secretary knew who my Mum was (she walks her dogs around the village a lot) and they met up in a small cafe where the financial exchange took place. All very shady......:D

Lasswade thanks for the tip, I will have a go instead of letting DD try and fit them.
Got the thingies, they are great. DD tried to put the first one in without me there, it broke :mad:. I put the others on :rolleyes: and they have worked really well, they also make the hole very comfortable.
Glad to hear theyre going well! Hope the new dowels don't hinder her too much on bars!!
She doing fine, she can upstart to HS again and her layout back away is almost ready. It did take her a while initially, but it wasn't meet season.

Thanks for asking.
I have never heard of those either though they seem like a great solution. As a mom of 2 gymnasts that were always very small(I am only 4'8'')we had this problem. A suggestion from a visiting coach helped in all their years in the sport. He took their shoes strings off their gym shoes and pulled one each for each hand through the holes of the grips and pulled the strings through the bottom over the wrist before velcroing closed. In that way their fingers never slipped out and they always felt secure
Gymnastic Express > Finger Wedgies

It is best to call them, they were so helpful and quick, from the US 011 44 01668 217 901 .

They have club sized packs of white ones that are not online, they cost about $20 for a large pack, better deal than the small packs. They weigh nothing so postage is very cheap
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