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Jun 14, 2019
Hi all. My daughter has been using the same grips since level 4 (Gibson Just Right Double Buckle). She ripped a hole in one today (yes she has a spare pair broken in). I am going to buy her a replacement pair, but her coach has suggested thicker grips for starting paks and other higher level skills. I am open to any and all recommendations. She does not want velcro. She likes the double buckle. She has looked as Reisport and US Glove. Both are rated about the same, so I thought I would ask the experts and gymnasts here.

Thanks in advance.
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My dd has used double buckle reisport since just before L7. She had 10.0 velcro before that and we were told the reisport were a good transition as they are similarly made. The reisport are very well made, never had any mishaps with the leather/stitching. They lasted for like 3-4 years when she wasn't spraying water on them. Once she started spraying them, now they last a couple of years maybe?
The gym favorite where I did gymnastics/now coach seems to be ginnasta grips, the double buckle ones, and I think you can get them narrow or regular. They last a while (although I recommend replacing every year at level 7+), don't stretch out, and are, comparative to other grips, easy to break in.
Depending on the size of your daughter's hands ....my daughter had small hands and felt the Reisports were "boxing gloves". She wore Hot Shots by US Glove all the way through 4 years of NCAA...they have a narrower piece on the palm and she said she could "feel" the bars which she preferred.
My daughter uses the hot shot us glove double buckles. She’s training paks, bails, maloneys, front giants, double backs etc in them and they are holding up fine. They say to replace every 6 months on the website, but hers seem to last about a year. She’s around 80lbs.