Grips at YMCA/Joining team

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Jun 4, 2013
At my Y, I don't know what they think about grips. All the girls wear tiger paws, braces, or athletic tape. So I don't think the coaches mind products. I'm going to be on team next month and had to start out in a beginners rec class that was super simple. But even on pullovers I get rips and bloody blisters. I'm 4ft 11 1/2in and 90lbs at the most. I feel huge in this sport though. I'll probably start out at level one even though I have most level 4 skills. I'll be 14 by the time team starts. I'm bigger than all the 7-8 year olds and they're hands don't get any blisters. Do you think its okay to have beginners first lightweight ten.o grips? And do I wear wrist bands underneath?

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Not open for further replies.