grips: buckle vs. velcro, ten.o vs reisport ?

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I'm currently training lvl. 8 and i've had grips for the past... two years. I'm only on my second pair - both have been ten.o blues with velcro. I need a new pair and I'm thinking of maybe getting buckle ones so that i dont feel the need to adjust them after every single turn. Which are better - one buckle or two? Also is there another brand (maybe reisport?) that has better grips? I like the ones i have right now but I'd kind of like to see what else is out there. If that makes sense lol.
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I am a big fan of buckles, I have never had velcro but I am glad I didn't because I know I would mess with them a lot. I think the buckles are better because they stay in place, and you don't have to worry about something not sticking because you adjust them too much which would make the velcro worn down.

Personally, I like two buckles. For me it makes me feel more safe. I think I like two because it feels like there is always a "back-up buckle", which makes me feel more comfortable. I hope that helps :)
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My daughter uses baille's elite grips. they have one buckle and one velcro strip. She loves them.
Apr 26, 2008
I'm lvl 9. I've never used Velcro, but my first pair was a beginners pair single buckle style. I have really small hands, always have, so no problems there, but for my second pair I got 2 buckle Bailles and they were heaps better. Much more secure feeling. I've always used Baille so have no idea about other brands unfortunately. You should definitely think about trying something new if you think it might help you- I know when I got really good grips, it made a difference with my bar work. :)

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Dec 23, 2006
My gymmie is on her 2nd pair of Ten-0 velcro grips and is quite comfortable with them. No complaints of the velcro not sticking. I think that can be a problem if a girl is frequently wrapping/unwrapping the velcro. She says she gets them tight before bars at practice and leaves them alone. She also likes to be able to do that last minute adjustment after warm up at a meet if they don't feel just right.

I think alot if just gymnast preference.
Dec 8, 2007
I have ten-0 velcro ones. The velcro never stays cuz they are kinda old so I put rubber bands on them. It works. I have like a whole rubber band ball in my gym bag so if any of my teammates need one they always know who to ask lol
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thanks everyone who posted! i think i'm going to go ahead and try the baile w/ two buckles.
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