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Looking for any help in picking out a brand of grips for my daughter and friends.
My daughter is starting her second year level 5 and has been told that they need grips in two weeks. She just turned 7 years old and has little hands. My older daughter didn't have to have grips until she went to level 6 and she was almost 9 at that point.
I have found three different brands that carry narrow grips and was just wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these brands. Hot Shots by US Glove, English Bulldog and Just Right by Gibson. Not sure which ones would be best or if there is even a difference. They have to have dowels and they have to be velcro which all three of these have.

Thank you for any suggestions.
Hot Shots

Our recommendation here at Leotard Crazy would be the Hot Shots. We sell tons of them. They are dowel grips and we carry the velcro style.

Thank You,
tiny grips

I like the Hot Shot grips by US Glove. They break in very quickly and are easy to break in for most of the girls. One girl got hers and competed in them the same week, never having had grips before.
more grips

Sorry, I forgot to say that the Hot Shots are dowel grips. I coach Level 4 and just don't bother with beginner grips. Most kids don't like them, and we swing a lot more and need dowel grips. I prefer the buckle type as a Coach because the kids tend to mess with the velcro more.
Thank you

We went with the Hot Shots and she is doing great! She had no problems getting into the swing of things again. Thanks for your suggestions.

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